Writing Benefit-Driven Web Copy – 4 Steps to More Sales


You’ve recognized the advantages you provide your customers, however how do you switch a list of benefits into engaging web reproduction which converts visitors into clients?

Recently I wrote an editorial explaining the way to become aware of the benefits you provide your clients (http://www.Divinewrite.Com/advantages.Htm). That article challenged enterprise proprietors and advertising managers to think in terms of advantages rather than capabilities whilst writing their web replica.

What the article didn’t talk changed into a way to certainly write the internet reproduction when they had diagnosed their benefits. That’s what this text is ready. (It even gives you a couple of templates you could use to make your activity an entire lot less difficult!)

As a internet site copywriter, a few of the projects I adopt are completely new websites. The client has a few wellknown thoughts about what they’d want to bring, but they want a person who can pleasant-tune their message, and create internet reproduction (and a web structure) which engages their readers. As a end result, over time I’ve evolved a method for doing this effectively. There are four predominant steps:

1) Identify blessings

2) Identify how you deliver those advantages

3) Prioritise your benefits

four) Write the content

Although this article touches on step 1, it’s more often than not approximately steps 2, 3, and 4.


Branding apart, most web sites are about selling. Customers don’t need to recognize what you can do; they want to know what you could do for THEM. That approach the primary query you ought to ask is, “What blessings do I provide my customers?” This is usually the first step towards identifying the key message to be conveyed.

That’s not to mention that your internet site shouldn’t describe your products and services. You just want to make sure it describes them in terms of blessings on your client.

But blessings identity is outside the scope of this newsletter. If you’d like to discover extra about a way to engage your patron with benefits, go to http://www.Divinewrite.Com/benefits.Htm.


Of direction, you could’t simply claim to deliver benefits and stop at that. You need to support that declare. On your internet site, you’re going to need to convince your target market which you clearly do deliver those benefits. Anyone can say they supply advantages, however few can say it persuasively.

From step 1 you’ll have a listing of blessings. Now you need to consider the way you deliver every benefit in that list. This is where you begin speakme about functions – price, product highlights, distribution channel, competitor weaknesses, external factors, USPs, and so on. It’s useful in case you draw up a desk with one column for advantages and one for the features which deliver those blessings. (Click http://www.Divinewrite.Com/downloads/benefitsfeatures.Doc to down load an instance Benefits-Features table – 20KB.)

You’ll in all likelihood discover this process much easier than identifying blessings. In reality, you’ve probably got maximum of this records written down already… somewhere. If now not, possibilities are you uncovered a great part of it when you were brainstorming for benefits.

TIP: If you’re having hassle identifying supporting functions, before filling out the desk, strive listing the whole thing you could think of which pertains to what you do and the way you do it. Don’t worry about the order. Just braindump onto a chunk of paper, a whiteboard, a Word file, anywhere… Don’t leave some thing out, although it appears unimportant. (You’d be amazed how crucial even the maximum insignificant info can come to be when you begin assigning them to advantages.) If you begin getting lost, think returned to the query you’re trying to answer: How do you supply your list of blessings to your patron? Once you’ve achieved your braindump, study thru it and decide which specific benefit each characteristic supplies.


Now which you’ve diagnosed all the things you COULD say, it’s time to parent out what you SHOULD say and wherein you should say it. This is where your blessings-functions desk comes into play. Read thru your list of benefits and prioritise them in keeping with how compelling they will be in your reader.

The reason for this? Priority determines prominence. The most compelling advantages will want to be outstanding on your website.

TIP: Be conscious that your listing can also encompass some benefits which every person on your enterprise class could claim. In different phrases, they’re not just specific for your agency, but practice to the type of service you provide. For example, if you sell a Content Management System (CMS) for internet site creation, you may list “Greater control for advertising managers” and “Less price updating content material” as benefits. Every CMS seller ought to declare those blessings, so you’ll need to question their importance. Will they differentiate you from your competition. Generic benefits may be useful if none of your competitors are the usage of them, or if you sense you want to educate your marketplace a piece earlier than launching into employer-particular advantages.


So now what you’d like to mention, it’s time to decide how to say it. This is set three things:

i) Subject – What is the challenge of your site; features or blessings?

Ii) Structure – How do you structure your website such that your clients will examine your maximum compelling advantages?

Iii) Words – What words should you use to great interact your target audience (and the engines like google)?

The the rest of this text is dedicated to Subject and Structure. For similarly discussion of Words, see http://www.Divinewrite.Com/webwriting.Htm and http://www.Divinewrite.Com/seocopy.Htm).


What is the concern of your web site; capabilities or benefits? The solution to this query lies in audience identification. If your target audience knows a piece approximately the form of product or service you’re selling, lead with capabilities (e.G. Processor velocity, turnaround time, uptime, expertise, educational qualifications, extensive product range, and so on.). But make sure you talk about their blessings, and ensure the functions providing the most crucial blessings are the maximum outstanding.

Here’s a simplified instance…

“Cool Widgets offers:

— Standard Operating Environment – Significantly decreasing the complexity of your IT infrastructure

— System upgrades that are much less luxurious to license – Providing brilliant TCO reductions”

In instances in which you’re selling to an audience who knows very little about your product or service, lead with blessings (e.G. In case you’re selling something technical to a non-technical target market).

Here’s the equal simplified example, reversed for a amateur audience…

“Cool Widgets offers:

— Reduced complexity of IT infrastructure – We can implement a Standard Operating Environment for your agency

— Reduced TCO – We can improve your IT to structures which can be much less high-priced to license”


How do you shape your website such that your clients will be sure to examine your most compelling blessings? The answer is, preserve it brief ‘n candy. And make it scannable. This doesn’t imply you need to reduce functions or blessings. You just have to shape your site to deal with your message.

While every web page is distinctive, most often of thumb it’s a good idea to introduce your main features and advantages on your own home page. Summarise them – preferably the use of bullet factors, however at least, without a doubt highlight them so that your audience can test-examine (e.G. Ambitious, underline, shade, hyperlink).

Then link from each summarised feature or gain to a detailed description. Try to keep every web page to approximately 200-four hundred words. You might also need several pages to detail all your functions and blessings. (Click http://www.Divinewrite.Com/downloads/pagestructure.Doc to download a web page shape template – 29KB.)

TIP: In instances where you want to introduce capabilities and advantages which can be well-known in your field (instead of specific for your offering), your home web page is generally the high-quality region to do it. From there, you may lead to a 2d web page summarising the unique functions and advantages of your providing.


Web replica is about a long way greater than just smart phrases. It’s important which you discover the benefits you offer your client, and that you could convince your purchaser you simply supply those benefits.

I wish that the steering and tools furnished in this text will help you for your way to enticing net reproduction which converts to income.

Happy writing!

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