WordPress Plugins and Tools That Will Help You to Startup 1

It is very important to have the right set of WordPress Plugins and tools that will help get your website ranked and grow your online business.

WordPress Plugins are great tools for adding and extending the functionality of your WordPress websites. If you are a WordPress User and using WordPress for your money-making websites, then you should consider having a few Plugins installed to take your website to the next level in 2021.

There are thousands of WordPress Plugins available for free and paid. But not all are useful to everyone. Depending on your website type and niche, it is very important to choose the right Plugins.

With the right set of Plugins installed, you can easily improve some of the critical and important website factors such as security, functionality, loading speed, efficiency, and traffic of your site.

** We recommend you to check the authenticity of the source of Free Plugins before you install them.


The first thing you can do is create a checklist of features that you’re expecting from the plugin depending on your website and niche. Decide what features you’ll need, and then pick the plugins offering those features.

Then check the source of the plugin. It is better to take care of the authenticity of the plugin before installing it as it may become a loophole for hackers to get into your website and content.

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