Top Belly Fat Questions Answered

A huge belly is something hindering! Want to know some tricky answers about belly fat? Here are some interesting belly fat questions answered. Why not take a minute to read through the information better in detail. When it comes to belly fat questions, individuals will be puzzled with these two basic questions. Here you go with the questions and answers.

Can I loose my belly fat quickly? At least an inch or two?

Why not? You can definitely accomplish this with ease. Do a regular regiment of vacuum poses. Being an isometric physical exertion, it sucks the stomach fat with an average count of 2 – 5. This is in no way harmful and can be practiced regularly again and again. For shedding two inches of belly bat in around 1 month, one must perform isometric workouts each day regularly for about 10 minutes at a time.

Is anyone aware of some striking tips for reducing belly fat?

Sure and of course, here is the advice. Try doing belly rubs. This will certainly work well and is effective. Before rubbing your belly, rub both your hands for about 15 – 20 seconds. Further, rub your tummy in a circular motion for a minute.

It is good and advisable to do this after your afternoon meals. On the other hand, you can do this early morning after getting up and even before going to bed. The factor here is the heat produced in your hands will help in dislodging the accumulated fat in your stomach. Regular practice will definitely help you in losing fat over time.

Source by Mike Wellman


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