The Many Different Types Of Tea

Green Tea

This kind of tea is extremely popular and it contains catechins, which is an antioxidant.

A lot of people drink green tea because of the potential benefits, which includes playing a role in decreasing your risk of getting cardiovascular disease.

It is also worth pointing out that some people drink green tea because they believe that you can lose weight by drinking green tea.

One of the reasons why green tea is thought to help people lose weight is because it boosts the metabolic rate.


Black is one of the most commonly drank teas, and it does contain quite a bit of caffeine, at least when compare to other types of tea.

There are two antioxidants that are found in black tea, and these two have been known to lower cholesterol levels.

Also, if you drink three or more cups of this kind of tea on a daily basis, then you could end up cutting your risk of stroke by up to 21 percent.


If you are looking for a really healthy tea, then look no further than white tea. White tea contains catechins, just like green tea. Consuming white tea on a regular basis may even reduce the risk of having a recurrence of cancer in breast cancer survivors.

Asides from that, this kind is the purest of all teas, and it is the least processed of them all.

White tea is not fermented, and the leaves that are used to make it are dried naturally, usually via sun drying or steaming methods.

Don’t worry about whether or not this tea has a plain taste to it because it does have a slight sweetness to it, so you will love drinking it.


This tea is often served in Chinese restaurants, and it is known being very flavorful, so if you want to drink a tea with a sweet taste to it, then Oolong tea is for you.

You should know that Oolong tea is expensive, and most Oolongs come from Taiwan and it is only semi-fermented. Many drinkers prefer to drink it without milk, lemon or sugar.

This isn’t because they don’t like sugar, lemon or milk, it is because this kind of tea has a very delicate flavor.

Pu Erh

Pu Erh has a very rich and smooth taste to it, and the aging process lasts for a longtime. Sometimes the process can take years to complete, or it can take as little as a few months.

As for what the health benefits are, there are a number of them, and this includes playing a role in lowering your cholesterol levels, as well as help your digestion.

One of the things that make this tea stand out from other teas is that it is fermented twice, and then it is matured.

A lot of people do drink Pu Erh Tea for pleasure, but there are also many people who drink it for medicinal purposes.


People brew tea from various things, including berries, onions, peach leaves and orange peels. Certain types of flowers are also used for tea. Herbs, spices and oils are often used too.

If you are looking for teas that have unique tastes to it, or you just want tea with some strong flavor to it, then you will want to get your hands on some flavored tea.


Blends are teas that are not from a single lineage, hence the name. Teas that fall under this category of tea has been made with other different types of teas.

Some common blends that you may be interested in trying include Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, Caravan and Earl Grey. There are many brands that product blends, and they can be purchased in just about any grocery store.

Those are the different types of tea. Now that you know what the different ones are, you can decide which one you want to try.

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