The Happy Mimosa Tree

Do you want to know the secret about healthy emotions? Believe it or not, the solution isn’t drugs… but rather a tree that many of you will have in your backyard!

The Mimosa tree has been used in Chinese medicine for decades, and we westerners are only just figuring out its healing potential.

The Chinese called it the “full happiness tree,” and for good reason.

You can use most of the tree for its healing properties; including the bark, leaves, and flowers.

For the purpose of this post, we’ll only talk about the bark and flower.

The bark of the Mimosa tree (He Juan Pi) is the more sedative of the two, and it has been used to “anchor” the heart during times of grief, insomnia, sorrow, and anxiety. It’s also used for gently moving blood, which can help someone who feels stagnant or tense.

The flower (He Huan Hua), however, has the opposite effect. They are used to energize and uplift the mood; clearing away fatigue and helping those who find themselves constantly brooding or in a bad mood.

Essentially, you use the bark to steady yourself in times of grief or trauma, and you use the flowers to release stress and lift your mood. Two very powerful healing agents right in our own backyard!

Making mimosa tea is pretty easy to do, especially if this is your first time harvesting your own herbs. (As a side note, always make sure you’re harvesting the right plant. Do some research and identify the plant before you harvest anything in the wild.)

Hearthside Healing has a great article on Harvesting and Using Mimosa Bark, as well as one on Harvesting and Using Mimosa Flowers.

In Good Health has a simple Mimosa Flower Tea Recipe that’s sure to excite all tea drinkers with its easy-to-use instructions. It goes like this:

6 grams Mimosa Flower (About a handful if they’re fresh)

honey to taste

Place mimosa flower in a cup and soak in boiling water. Strain and add honey to taste. Drink when cool.

Easy Peasy!

Global Healing Center also has a great list of Mimosa Tree benefits, and their article touches on some of the more great ways to use the mimosa tree, both externally and internally.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to go out and collect some of this natural goodness for myself! Have you ever tried Mimosa tea? Let me know what you thought of it!

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