Taking Care of Your Aquarium Fish With Aquarium Water Testing Is Critical

Do you have aquarium fish? How much money do you have invested in them and their well being? Water testing for your freshwater fish aquarium is vital to the survival of your fish. Aquarium water testing is the best way to find out if there are harmful substances in your aquarium. Substances such as toxins and other things like nitrates and ammonia can be kept under control by keeping a close eye on your water. Aquarium water testing kits can be helpful for checking the levels of ammonia in your tank. The gills of the fish and their waste releases ammonia into the water and as these levels increase, the water environment can become toxic to your fish. Choosing to test your water will ensure that your water gets changed before ammonia levels become harmful to your fish.

Nitrites by definition are described as a result of ammonia being transformed by bacteria; while it is not quite as toxic as ammonia, nitrate levels can still be dangerous in high amounts. These same bacteria will convert nitrates to a less toxic component in the water however you can just change the water and the filter regularly to control the toxins. Testing your aquarium for pH levels is important. Changing pH levels can be highly stressful and the most common reason aquarium fish die. It will be helpful to compare the pH levels from the fish store to your aquarium at home in order to ensure the fish doesn’t go into shock because of the drastic change in water quality. There are many variables that can affect the pH levels so aquarium water testing on a regular basis is the best way to keep your fish happy and swimming.

Finally, testing your water for phosphates is important for inhibiting the growth of algae because phosphates are the primary nutrients for algae. If the testing of your water shows that you have a problem with phosphates you could be using too much food. There are filters on the market that are able to help keep your water levels correct when it comes to phosphate but you should still monitor it. While there are some fish stores who will offer free water testing the first time, free water testing may not give you all of the information and exact bacteria levels you are looking for and you will need to test often in order to keep your aquarium environment safe for your fish. It is always a good idea to invest in good water testing kits to ensure the safety and overall health of your fish. Testing the water can be critical for knowing when to change the water.

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