Spiritual Fasting – A Strategy For Understanding

Fasting accelerates the growth of spiritual thoughts on the Lord to faith, Allah, the unity of God. It is used by all the great believers of the faith – Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. However spiritual program of fasting, food and a recipe for spiritual fasting, days and hours of fasting is different, so are their spiritual needs and objective thoughts. But the spiritual fasting is different from fasting for health.

The program of spiritual fasting is different from fasting to lose weight. Underweight and overweight people respect the same rules on spiritual fasting regime. Spiritual Fasting is not for total abstinence from food. During a spiritual fast, you eat selected foods considered pious. Traditionally, men continue fasting for spiritual food, like fruits. Sometimes, a spiritual fasting is not to eat anything but drink water. In other cases, a spiritual fast is to not eat at any given time. However, there are different levels of fasting followed by sects, religions and individuals.

For faith Christen fasting is not essential, but it is strongly recommended. The main reason for the fast Christen is quick to develop a closer walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, God Unity. By withdrawing our eyes to the power of this world, we can better focus on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fasting and prayer are often linked. Fasting is a way to show God and selfish individual Christen is serious about the relationship with Him. Fasting is limited to a fixed time, especially when fasting is the food. To Christen, fasting is not meant to punish our flesh, but to focus on God.

The ninth month of Islamic calendar is called Ramadan. During Ramadan, Muslim undertakes fasting Islam. During Ramadan, ardent Muslim to boycott all recipes and diet drinks, food, smoking and sexual contact during the day. The thinking about fasting during Ramadan appears to contribute to devote to God, praying and visiting the mosque. Fasting Islam is taken to focus respect for Allah. Muslim do not believe wrong with eating meat, if possible during the Muslim fasting.

The reflection of the Hindu faith, spiritual fasting is also committed. Some Hindu refrain from eating meat on days considered spiritual. Some other Hindu abstain from intoxication such as wine or smoking, etc. Some abstain from eating anything during the day, others before going to meditation or a sanctuary for prayer.

Fasting of the Hindu religion is taken for the sake of spiritual gains. Fasting is undertaken to create a relationship of harmony with life itself absolute, pure consciousness within. Fasting is a Hindu spiritual reflection on the food needs of its physical and spiritual health.

Hindu believes that the path of spirituality is concerned about the fate of considerations, and worldly indulgences and it disrupts the focus on spiritual realization. Therefore, a devotee should try to impose on him, should get his mind focused on the spiritual goal of liberation. And a form of restraint is fasting. Hindu believe that when the stomach is full, the intellect begins to sleep. Wisdom becomes mute. Hindu fast on certain auspicious days of the month, week and / or spiritual festivals. During the fasting period, the Hindu god calms the mind control and evil thoughts.

The ancient medical system of India said that the root cause of many diseases is the accumulation of toxic materials in the digestive system. Since the human body is composed of 77% to 23% liquid and solid, like Earth, the gravitational pull of the moon affects the fluid content of human life. It causes emotional imbalances in the body and mind, what makes some people tense, irritable and violent. Fasting acts as antidote; because it reduces the acid content in the living body which helps people maintain their mental health. Fasting still with spiritual faith helps maintain a healthy body and mind. Without a body and mind healthy, deeper concentration on Lord of the faith, Allah, the unity of God, still distracted.

Regular cleaning of toxic materials keeps one healthy. By fasting, the digestive organs are given to rest and all the mechanisms of physical and mental lives are cleaned and adjusted. A complete fast is good for health and the occasional intake of warm lemon juice during the period of fasting prevents the flatulence.

Source by GS Virk


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