Quitting Smoking – Get Your Body Involved As Well As Your Mind

Hypnosis is very successful for quitting smoking, but it is not the total picture. Hypnosis works on changing your unconscious links to smoking, eg smoking and coffee. But you can make the process even more powerful by changing your post and your breathing.

Research shows that both movement and breathing can positively or negatively affect our hormones and in turn our emotional state. For a moment just recall a time when you did something you were very proud of, and stand like you were standing, breathe like you were breathing. So how do you feel?

You see your body has muscle memory, athletes talk about this all the time. They practice over and over until their posture and movement becomes automatic.

The good news is that your body already knows how to stand, move, breathe, and what facial expressions you use when you feel successful. So in addition to your hypnosis allowing you to disconnect from negative habits and connecting you to positive habits, you can re-enforce your new success with your post and your breath.

This movement shows your mind that your body has accepted the change, that it has stopped smoking and that there is a new feeling of energy in your arms instead of just toxic sludge.

You know the posture, perhaps you are standing up straight, your shoulders may be back a little, your head held high, your eyes looking forward and your breathing deep and easy.

You also know the opposite, shoulders hunched, head forward, shallow breathing and a facial expression that at its best is bland, at worse very sad, or angry. As the stress increases your breathing increases in speed in an attempt to get more oxygen into your muscles but all that happens is a fast shallow anxiety type of breathing that causes more carbon dioxide.

Another way to move is totally obvious but the majority of people seems to have forgotten to do it. Exercise, that's right the E word. Yes it's another way that you are confirming the changes that you have made.

You are pumping oxygen by your arms to your muscles. You are creating positive hormones which influence every thought feeling and action and from the moment you quit smoking just move like you have energy and purpose and soon you will feel like this most of the time, and why would not you want to feel like that .

Source by Ian Newton


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