Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey – Can It Work? Yes It Can

You can quit cold turkey if you do it right. In this article, I’ll tell you how. Many people think that quitting smoking cold turkey (that means suddenly and without cutting down) is impossible. They compare it to if you were an alcoholic and tried to quit alcohol immediately – you body would experience “delirium tremors” i.e. your body would go into shock and you could actually die of a heart attack or organ failure.

So many smokers assume this is the same when they try to stop smoking instantly. Especially when they start to get “the sweats” and “the shakes”, they decide to stop their attempt and immediately reach for the nearest cigarette. I mean, surely, nicotine is a highly addictive chemical and to suddenly stop taking it can cause these huge effects on the body right? I mean, it’s only a logical conclusion.


You need to reverse this brain washing and understand that nicotine is different from alcohol or even drugs like heroin in the way you get addicted.

Actually, nicotine tricks your body into thinking that you can’t live without it and you might get really ill or even die if you suddenly stop taking it. It’s not the lack of nicotine or some kind of dependency on it that is causing you these physical symptoms – it’s your mind that has been tricked by nicotine and is causing these “psychosomatic” symptoms in your body.

So now you have been enlightened, you can go ahead and quit cold turkey. As soon as you feel the itch of physical symptoms, tell yourself that your mind is just playing games on you. Then you’ll notice that the symptoms go away almost immediately.

Source by Chris Smithers


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