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Titanium Derma Roller Micro-Needle ZGTS Beauty Wrinkles Scars Acne 192 Needles


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Derma Roller Micro-Needle ZGTS

Scar Removal, including acne scar removal
Stretch Mark Removal / Treatment
Anti Aging
Anti Wrinkle
Cellulite Treatment / Cellulite Reduction or Removal
Hair Loss Treatment / Hair Restoration
Hyper Pigmentation Treatment

Microneedle roller  can be used on the skin of any part, its application principle is by way of the stimulation the dermis layer of collagen and fibroblast proliferation, because of microneedle stimulation, may remove the wrinkle and the improvement skin texture.
Microneedle therapy is regularly rolling on the places which need to cure,accompanying with functional nutrition liquid.It can puncture more than 250,000 micro vessels on the epidermal within five minutes,create an efficient nutrient delivery system in the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue,and then the skin will be more beautiful.

What does it can do for you?

1.Wrinkle removal,acne removal,improve scar,rejuvenation 

2.The narrow focus of the site(glabellum,wrinkle,scar) 
3.Shrink pores 
4.Treatment of striate gravidarum 
5.Improve wrinkle and fine lines 
6.Treatment of acne scars and healing wounds

7.Anti-hair removal

8.Derma roller is very effective for kinds of skin care treatments


Derma roller

1.Does not destroy the structural integrity of the skin

2.Gradually remove the skin deep toxins and waste

3.Establish a direct transportation between skin and beauty product

4.Promote the skin metabolism

5.Improve the ability of wound healing and anti-aging

6.No side effect, safe and reliable

7.Simple operation   

8.Effect is more remarkable than the general beauty products 

9.Derma roller 5 in 1 is your best choice for beauty and skin care treatments.

Microneedling is well tolerated, but redness may be seen after treatment, lasting for 2-3 days. Photoprotection (sun cream) for a week is advised as a routine and local antibiotic creams may be prescribed by a doctor if complication arises. The users can go back to work the very next day. As the microholes close short after the procedure, post-procedure infections do not occur regularly. The procedure is well tolerated by the users, it is cost-effective, can be done on all skin types and on areas not suitable for peeling or laser resurfacing, such as near eyes.
Microneedling with 192 derma roller can be combined with other acne scar aids like subcision, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and fractional resurfacing, thus maximizing the benefits to the patients.

Microneedling is a simple office-based procedure. After preparation of the area with a thourough wash, the area to be treated should be previously numbed with topical anesthesia for 45 minutes to one hour. Rolling is done 15-20 times in horizontal, vertical, and oblique directions on the different areas of the face beeing very careful on not to repeat the same areas on the same session.
Petechiae or pin-point bleeding which occurs should be easily controlled by wiping it off with a rubbing gauze. (If you cannot control it you should immediately seek medical attention). After the session, the area should be wetted with sterile saline serum pads, cold pads and desinfection. The entire procedure should lasts for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the extent of the area to be treated. A minimum of six weeks is recommended between two treatments as it takes that long for new natural collagen to form. Three to four treatments may be needed for moderate acne scars

Contraindications of Derma Roller System Therapy:
Using a derma roller is not recommended for those with the following skin or general health conditions:                  

-Those with active infections

 -Chronic skin disorders

– Blood clotting problems

– Poor healing
– Skin malignancies
– Active acne
– Eczema
– Rosacea
– Psoriasis
– Severe solar keratosis
– Raised moles or warts

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We only accept returns on items that are unused, if our items were used there will be a 20% charge on final product sale, being that the item is not resaleable due to sanitary purposes.

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Alcohol-Free, All Natural Ingredients, Cruelty-free/No Animal Testing, Fair Trade

Target Area

Face, Neck, Body

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All Skin Types




Leka SkinCare

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Acne, anti-aging



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