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Skin Care tomato Extract Remove Foot Dead Skin Mask Foot Care Peeling Exfoliating Skin Socks Whitening Beauty Feet Care Cream


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Produt Information


Name: Moisturizing Foot Mask

Type :Moisturizing Foot Mask

Origin: China
NET WT:35ml


 water   glycerin   Carbomer   Hydroxyethyl cellulose   Allantoin   EDTA disodium  PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil   essence   Methylisothiazolinone  Tomato (SOLANUM LYCOPERSICUM) juice   Trehalose

give you a comfortable toot care,help to improve the foot dry,rough skin the foot skin becomes
supple and smooth,delicate soft and shiny.

Use Method 

1. After cleaning the foot, remove the product from the bag.

2. Wear the foot film, use hand to press the outside layer of the mask to foot tightly touch with essence.

3. About 10-40 minutes then remove the foot mask, clean with water the smear the foot cream.

4. As the foot condition to do the regular care.



my foot special facial mask

your foot also need delicate care



Contain apple acid ingredients, skin-friendly and fit, hydrate, delicate and smooth your feet



do you have these following feet problems

Our feet tend to lose moisture and become dry in everyday life

Dry and peeling

Black and sun marks

Heel roughness

cutin hardness and roughness



 jade foot, present softness and tenderness

Feet delicate and smooth, watery and bright

care feet


Smooth and moisturize, improve feet lines

Gently care feet, foot skin soft and delicate

 improve dullness

 soft and brighten skin

hydrate and nourish

Heal hangnails



Nourish feet, refuse peeling

Feet is as tender as hands skin

  moisturize and hydrate

Hydrate dry skin, fresh and not greasy, feet skin becomes watery and bright

contain moisturizing ingredients

Watery and moisturized, get rid of rough skin and make feet soft and tender

 improve skin melanin

Brighten your skin and make your feet soft and supple, give your comfortable foot care experience



Three main ingredients nourish your feet, plant extract care feet skin

malic acid

Malic acid contains natural moisturizing ingredients to brighten the skin dullness and make the feet tender and elastic

  Tomato juice

Gently exfoliate to make the moisturizing essence more effective hydration to improve foot skin dryness


Tender and soften skin, make feet skin become watery and bright, delicate and smooth your feet


It is the nature of women to love beauty

The delicate jade foot hides your age secret

The foot mask that softens the cutin

feet care

moisturize and hydrate

plant extraction

brighten skin color



make a quality foot mask

The right way to beautify feet

  Fine jade foot only needs three simple steps

Clean the bipedal membrane and put on the foot membrane after wiping dry, so that the feet are fully attached to the membrane cloth

Massage with both hands for about 20-30 minutes


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