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Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Cleanse pore   Nourish skin    Carbonated mask



Name: Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Net: 100g

Life time: 3 years

Efficacy: Cleanse pore, hydrate and moisturize, nourish skin, cleanse makeup

Old/New pack, same quality, random delivery, refuse notes, please understand !

Old package    New package

You skin is very”worrying”

Black carbon mud

Cleanse skin dirt


Hydrate and moisturize skin

“Fine foam      Fine skin”



Activate skin   Skin is more moist !

Cleansing skin  No residue

Carbonated foam   Skin is tender and smooth



Foam clean skin automatically

Fine and rich foam

With time goes by, more and more foam, adding carbon mud

absorbency, absorb skin dirt& oil, remove cutin, detox etc,

skin is fresh& moist after using, fine& tender

When smearing

3mins later

5mins later

10mins later

Botanical extract   Nourish&tender skin

Rich in various botanical elements

1 nourishing   hydrate and whiten, tender skin

2 carbonated mask   cleanse oil, rich foam, cleanse pore dirt

3 cleansing   carbonated foam cleanse skin

4 comfortable       nourish and care skin, tender and smooth skin

Method of use

01 smear some mask behind ears, do allergy test

02 No allergy, smear this product on face evenly (avoid skin around eyes)

03 after using 3mins, wait for 5mins quietly

04  5mins later, foam cover the face evenly, massage gently

05  wet skin with water, massage another one minutes,wash with water

06 skin is tender and smooth

Warm tips

This mask is cleansing in depth, may be itchy during the

process, or pain, this is physical reaction, is OK, very soon,

remember to hydrate after using this mask !


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