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RoC RETINOL CORREXION EYE CREAM ~ size 0.5oz.  EXP. 08/2021



by Top favorable review

I like this cream

This cream does not burn when you put it on. I've tried other eye creams that when they mix with certain serums, they feel like acid on my skin . This is nice, it does not burn at all. I just started using again, so I can't say for sure there are great results. I will let you know.Read full review...

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by Top critical review

Sensitive eye cream burn

I have been using regular Roc Retinol eye cream for years and decided to try the "sensitive" form of it. I was quite shocked that it burned on application and had to return it and buy the one I had been using previously. It's weird that a cream labeled "sensitive" would have that effect. I am pleased with the regular Roc Retinol and maybe it's just my reaction to some of the ingredients?Read full review...

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Great under eye cream for extremely sensitive skin!

I need a help with wrinkles around my eyes and dark under eye circles. My extremely sensitive skin makes changing product challenging. ugh. My wonderful organic cream from Carly's Clear and Smooth was discontinued a while back so I needed a new cream.

After researching many other creams, I tried one from Lancome for sensitive skin. It stung my skin after a while and gave me a little swelling. Then I tried an all natural organic eye cream from Yves Rocher. I was terribly disapointed because it gave me a burning feeling around my eyes. So, Roc Retinal Correxion Eye Cream was my last resort.

I am so happy I found this eye cream! It has never stung, burned, or swelled my eye area! Although I giive my old Carly's cream a 10 across the board, Roc is the next best thing. I give this Roc cream an 8 for diminishing dark circles and a 9 for diminishing wrinkles and puffiness. I highly recommend this cream!
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I like it

I still have my under eye fine lines but my eye area used to be so dry and with a weird and dull texture and no cream out there could moisturise my under eye area but this cream keeps my skin so soooft and smooth and hidrated so my fine lines show less. D also you just need a drop for both eyes. Will repurchase again.Read full review...

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an eye retinol ROCKS

I've wanted to find a retinol for the eye area but I never could and everything else was too much when I tried it. This is perfect. If you put it on the upper lids you will wake up puffy for the first few days but after that it calms down and you get the same benefit that you do on the under eye area. After the second use I could immediately see a lightening in the under eye area. I'm going to continue using this religiously. WEAR sunscreen with this product, yes even under the eyes.Read full review...

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No irritation with time-release formula

I was very excited when I read positive reviews about Roc's new Retinol cream for sensitive skin. My skin is very sensitive to Retin-A, I get rashy itchy skin. Not fun! I have had good results (no irritations) so far and I've been using for about 4-5 weeks. I have not noticed any fine line reduction yet, but hopefully will with continued use. I do experience slight burning when I apply it after I have washed my face. It does not last long, 30 seconds maybe. There is a fragrance in this cream but it does not bother me. I will more than likely step-up and use the regular strength Roc Retinol cream now that my skin is accustomed to the time-released retinol. I also am using the same line for my face. I am tired of paying a lot of money for the higher end skin care items and not really seeing much improvement. I would recommend this product to any one who has experienced sensitivity to retinol products, or use as a stepping stone to get your skin ready for the stronger retinol product.Read full review...


Very Nice product.

I can tell a difference in the lower eye area...less wrinkles. They seem to have plumped out. I can also see that the darkness under the eye area is improving. It is an extremely light cream and pairs well with my foundation.Read full review...

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ROC Retinol Correction Eye Cream

Iv been using this every night for the past 18 months..I'm in my mid 30s and didn't have many wrinkles/crows feet..so this was more of a preventative measure..the few I had have faded and I'm happy to say no new lines/wrinkles..Iv used more expensive brands,this is just as good if not better..very happy:)Read full review...

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Pretty Good Product

If you’re looking to avoid expensive treatments, this is the item for you. It keeps its promise. It won’t completely rid dark circles or fine lines, but it does help. Plus, the price point is right!Read full review...

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Eye delight!!

I really, really like this product. It is easy to apply, has a cooling and refreshing feel to it and leaves my eyes relaxed and refreshed. It does not leave a greasy residue, but simply settles into the skin of your eyes.

I would not only recommend this product to others, but I know that I will be back for more!!! If you have not tried it, do!!
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