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Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser 6.7oz/200ml New Fresh


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Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser 6.7oz/200ml New Fresh 

Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser removes impurities from your skin without drying or causing irritation to delicate surface layers. Oat amino acids fortify the lipid barrier to prevent dryness while apricot kernel oil infuses skin with healing moisture. Sage extract reduces inflammation and cools redness for a clean and calm complexion.



Beautiful skin is healthy skin. It is firm and smooth, with even skin tone and glowing color. It is free from medical problems and it is normal in function and tolerance. We are born with healthy skin, but over time, the sun, and environmental assaults take their toll.

The Obagi System recognizes that your skin is a living organ with interacting functions. Restoring the health of your skin can't happen if you merely treat the symptoms. To achieve (and maintain) skin health, you must correct the underlying problems and stimulate the growth of new, radiant, healthy skin cells. Currently there are too many products on the market too select from...This Works! Numerous friends have had STUNNING results using OBAGI products.

ELASTIderm Decolletage System:
While much attention has been focused on minimizing aging on our face, women have neglected the delicate skin on their decolletage. Your neck is even more sensitive than your face.

The ELASTIderm Decolletage System is a unique solution for the aging decolletage. It has been specifically designed to give you the tools you need to rejuvenate the natural extension of your overall look with a chest and neck treatment made just for you!

The creams must be used in the prescribed fashion according to the written instructions and pamphlet given to you.

Obagi is ideal for most skin types, absorbs easily and quickly. Is a generally well-tolerated regimen. Provides significant reduction in hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 4 weeks. For best results, both products in the system should be used twice daily in the morning and evening.

Two pumps of each product should be applied starting with the chest and sweeping in an upward motion through the neck. It is highly recommended you use a high SPF sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays is recommended.

Note: You may experience varying degrees of redness, burning, peeling, itching, etc, especially in the initial stages of the program. These symptoms will lessen and eventually subside as your skin builds tolerance.

Excessive application of the creams can cause a great deal of discomfort and even blistering, especially in the early weeks of treatment, and that careless inattention to such reaction could result in superficial infection or injury to the skin which could result in long-term discoloration or even superficial scarring.

One must understand it is necessary to maintain the use of the creams over the long-term in order to retain the benefits obtained in the early weeks of the program and that a slight degree of pinkness and exfoliation(flaking) is the indication that the program is continuing to work.

Please do research or check with your doctor and be advised not to begin this program if your are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

The ELASTIderm Decolletage System:
Skin Lightening Complex: Formulated with 4%, hydroquinone, a treatment well known for reducing hyperpigmentation (discoloration) and age spots on the neck and or skin.

Wrinkle Reducing Lotion: Is used second and most be used in the morning and evening.

It is formulated with ELASTIderm's Restorative Elasticity Complex Contains a unique bi-mineral complex to help replenish elasticity and build collagen for increased skin strength and resilience. Includes malonic acid to help stimulate the production of healthy skin cells.

This is a one of a kind therapy that works to restore the skin on the chest and neck.
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A Good Mistake

Under the care of my dermatologist I've been using the Obagi skincare system (1,2,3,4, tretinoine/5, and 6) since March 2012. I absolutely love this line. With my Clarisonic I was using #1-Foaming Cleanser, but while searching for better pricing online I mistakenly (in my favor) purchased on ebay #1-Gentle Cleanser. The #1-Foaming Cleanser, I think, caused me to have a few skin breakouts. As gentle as it was I think it may have been a little too harsh for my sensitive skin. Since using the #1-Gentle Cleanser, however, I have had NO breakouts. Like millions of women I've tried too many skincare lines and fads to count, and God only knows the $$$ I've spent. I'm a sworn believer in Obagi. The Foaming Cleanser may have been necessary in the beginning, but I've since switched to the Gentle Cleanser. It works for me! My ethnicity is Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese... that might make a difference to some of you to better gauge what works. Aloha!Read full review...


Best Cleanser EVER

I have used Obagi Gentle Cleanser for many many years. I have switched to other brands along the way- but I always come back to
Obagi because I have never found one- better! The same goes for ALL the Obagi Nuderm Products- they are the absolute BEST!!!!Read full review...

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For sensitive and dry skin👍

This product is really nice and good for sensitive and dry skin. I suggest for people who has sensitive and dry skin to use this face soap👍

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I have extremely sensitive skin and have tried thousands of different cleansers over the years and this cleanser is the ONLY cleanser that works and is EXCELLENT IN ALL WAYS! It cleanses your face and there is no residue after rinsing! It does not dry out your skin, just cleanses purely and gently.
It's the only cleanser I will ever use and would recommend this product to everyone and for any and all types of skin!!
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obagi nu derm gentle cleanser

My dermatolgist reccomended the complete obagi system for my acne scars and lined on my face as I am now 50 Ihave used it for a year and I cannot beleave the difference in my skin it is not a temp affect it is permanent it transforms your skin into what it used to do natuarly when younger but stops as you age I now have much tighter skin smoother glowing and even skin tone Iwas reccomended the gentle cleanser and toner for natural to dry skin and I will use for ever as it is excellent it cost a lot so I looked else were and found this ebayer who is not only a great price they are very reliable and make it possible for me to continue using obagi dont let the fact that your skin peels when you start using this that is it working getting rid of the old skin and bringing in the new I look a lot yonger now and feel great I love itRead full review...


Fountain of Youth Bottled!

This product is absolutely amazing. After approximately one month of using my skin looks 10 years younger. I have visibly smoother skin. The product may seem expensive but once you compare the cost to cleansing products and moisturizers - Obagi is a more cost effective way to care for your skin. Additionally, I am not aware of another product on the market that will give you the results that only Obagi can give.Read full review...


Great Product

This product was recommended to me by my Dermatologist, she has used it for several years and had amazing results. I have now used it for three months and see a noticeable improvment. My skin is much brighter, sun spots have faded and there is a smoother texture. I would recommend this product, you have to be diligent in using the product. The first two weeks you might feel a dryness, but this will change.Read full review...


Love Obagi products....great price!

Product works very well on my combination skin. Smells fresh, lathers nice!

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It's simply awesome.

These Obagi Nu-Derm products are "WONDERFUL" It gives my skin a fresh new glo. I just love it. I am PROUD to say i am 59 years old and i have had people tell me they thought i was in my mid 40's. That really makes me fill good! I will continue to use the Obagi Nu-Derm products. Even my husband loves my smooth skin glo. I give it a five star rating.Read full review...

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