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New Exposed Skin Care Full Expanded Kit – Over 40% off!


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This auction is for One Full Expanded Kit from Exposed Skin Care. The Expanded Kit includes 1 Facial Cleanser, 1 Clearing Tonic, 1 Acne Treatment Serum, 1 Clear Pore Serum & 1 Moisture Complex moisturizer. It also included the same to “gifts” that Exposed Skin Care offers, 1 Derm-X cloth. This is the same exact kit that you would get directly from the company…

The only difference is this, the tubes and bottles are rejects. The product is 100% good, and from the same batch of product that orders directly from the company comes from. The difference is this, tubes are mistake tubes, and bottles could be dented. The product has absolutely nothing wrong with it, and all products come sealed and unused. They are simply packaging mistakes that the company cannot use. You can see examples of the mistakes in the picture of this auction…

All these products ordered individually from Exposed Skin Care would cost you $111.70!!! And ordered together as a kit would still cost you $69.95…Don’t miss out on this deal!!!

This auction is for One Full Expanded Kit

You can look up all info on the products directly on the company’s website.

Get this kit at almost 50% off website price!!! The only difference is the appearance of the packaging…The only issues is the packaging exterior…Great Deal!!!

*Important Notes*

~ All product is GOOD!!! It’s only the exterior packaging that has issues. All product is properly labelled, and well within it’s expiration date.

~ I have no control on Exposed Skin Care changing their formulas. The product you recieve is going to be the same as their current formula, if they change it, it changes.

~ The kit comes with the same insert as the company sends out in regards to product usage.

~ My shipping rates are non negotiable. Domestic (within the US) is $6.05 + $4 for each additional. 

~ I am independant of Exposed Skin Care. I have a working relationship with them only. I get my product directly from them, but am not a part of their company. Their product Guarantee does not apply with this sale, as it is not directly through the company.

Exposed Expanded Kit:

  • 6-Piece Kit Includes:
  • Free Derm-X Cloth
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Clearing Tonic
  • Acne Treatment Serum
  • Clear Pore Serum
  • Moisture Complex
  • Facial Cleanser: 4.0 fl. oz.

    The first step to clear skin is clean skin. The Exposed facial cleanser is a rich yet gentle face wash that is soap-free, non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic. It is packed with skin clearing ingredients including a special formulation of alpha & beta hydroxy acids and olive leaf extract. It removes the oil and dirt from your face while penetrating your pores to kill acne causing bacteria and maintaining your skin’s lipid layer. It does not contain any harsh and irritating detergents such as lauryl and laureth sulfates and is an important step in the Exposed acne treatment system.

    Website Price – $15.95

    Clearing Tonic: 4.0 fl. oz.

    The pore clearing tonic eliminates harmful contaminants and clears clogged pores returning your skin to its natural healthy balance. The tonic is non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic and infused with alpha hydroxy acids, olive leaf extract and witch hazel – which not only clear contaminants from within the pore, but also discourages the growth of bacteria. The tonic also rejuvenates problem skin with essential extracts of aloe-vera, allantoin and pure hyaluronic acid.

    Website Price – $19.95

    Acne Treatment Serum: 1.7 fl. oz.

    This daytime acne serum treats the acne that you already have by delivering a special formulation of micronized benzoyl and olive leaf extract deep into your pores – killing acne causing bacteria and preventing the growth of new bacteria.

    Website Price – $19.95

    Clear Pore Serum: 1.7 fl. oz.

    This nighttime acne serum is a lightweight gel that clears your pores and re balances your skin while you sleep. Skin friendly vitamins and antioxidants repair damaged and blemished skin for a healthy youthful look. The gel also prevents your skin from moisture loss – an essential step for clear skin that is often neglected by other skin care companies.

    Website Price – $19.95

    Moisture Complex: 1.7 fl. oz.

    The final step in the regimen is for people with dry or combination skin. Our moisture complex with Matrixyl is oil-free, non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic and will return skin to its correct balance. This complex will preserve your skin’s youth with a patented amino-peptide complex and contains many soothing botanical extracts and skin friendly sunblocks.

    Website Price – $25.95

    Derm-X Cloth

    The Derm-X Cloth is a great way to improve skin tone, reduce blemishes and firm up those problem areas. Derm-X is a dermatologist approved microdermabrasion cloth that is proven to exfoliate dead skin cells, remove cosmetics, oil, and dirt. It also eliminates blackheads & white heads! The DERM-X Cloth is great at bringing young and beautiful skin to the surface. Regular use also helps with skin discoloration, sun damage and even minor scarring. The Derm-X cloth is small but important step in the Exposed acne treatment system.

    Website Price – $9.95

    You save over 40% from Exposed when ordering all these products as a kit, and you save an additional 50% on-top of that here!!! Don’t miss out!!!

    I will combine shipping for multiple auctions…Full Price $6.05 for the first item, $4.00 for each additional kit (US Shipping)…Any questions please feel free to ask..

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    Every Item has at least 1 full year left


    Exposed Skin Care

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    Anti-Acne – Anti-Aging

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