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Nerium Age Defying Night Cream – 1fl oz


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by Top favorable review

Nerium Age defying Day and Night Cream

The Nerium night creams that I buy on Ebay are always good and smell fresh. I don't know if the day cream is old or that is the usual smell but it smell bad on every bottle that I have purchased. It is a spoiled, rancid smell that I just don't like. Some bottles are worse than others that I have purchased. Even new, unopened bottles has this bad scent. The prices are much better here than from a Nerium dealer but I guess you get what you pay for.Read full review...

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by Top critical review


I have used this for over a year now very good product but this order seams like it is an off brand trying to mimicked the original Nerium, not too pleased with my order. Original product is not sticky when applied and has a different smell to it also the color of the bottle is off by a slight darker shade and the leaf to keep sealed is very different too short and cheap plastic compare to what I have been using.Read full review...

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I look 10 years younger with this product and my mom looks 20 years younger after only 3 months

I had to get this one for me and my mom. I used it before thru the company but stopped using it for a while because of the direct price until I found it on E-bay and I was glad I did. I am getting the day time cream now and can't wait to get it! it truly works and I am a proof of it and so is my mom. I hadn't seen my sister in law and my brother in law for years and they just told me they can't believe that I look just like I did the last time we got together about 8 years ago. Even if you don't believe it, at least try it and you will be the judge of it. I know people who have used it and everybody for the most part has gotten great results. I have seen people use it on scars and it works miracles. I also use it on my arms and it makes a huge difference. I am 64 but look about 50, "no joke" and my mom is 87 but looks 60 and it is shocking.Read full review...

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Long time Nerium user

I have seen the great results of Nerium on friends' faces. I can' really see it in myself cuz I always look the same to myself. I think my bottle may have been old stock cuz the cream got watery as I used more of it. Hope it still has the same good effect.Read full review...

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I've used this product for only a few weeks so I cannot see any skin changes yet. My objection is the cream is over packaged so there's no possibility

Having used Nerium AD age defying night cream for only a few weeks I cannot see any skin changes. My objection is the container is much larger than is needed for only 1 fluid ounce. Why? Is this so it appears there is more product? And, as with other creams in soft plastic tubes that can be cut off when almost empty so as to use all of the cream, Nerium AD's container is a very hard plastic and impossible to cut or puncture. This is not good for the environment and not a saving for the consumer.Read full review...

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Do Not purchase!! I

I gave this one star as I can't give a no star.

As a regular user of Nerium I can tell you THIS IS NOT Nerium.
The consistency is wrong, Nerium night cream is thick and needs to have a drop of water added to
The color is wrong, Nerium is not white it is an off white
The fragrance is wrong, Nerium has a fragrance that to me reminds of Phlox, this product smell faintly like roses.

Lastly the Packaging, as I can remember, The outer box looks the same. The night cream bottle at first appears to looks like the correct bottle but the printing is of poor quality and the fonts do not match the bottle I have. The bottle I have the product came from the local distributor.

I was looking for a bargain but got ripped off!
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nerium day night creams

the product is excellent the packaging looks like it is new and has not been tampered with. I am just wondering if you can tell me if nerium has changed the scent as it now has more of a perfumed smell whereas before it was the botanical smell for both the day and night product. If you know anything about this please email me. The price was fair as well. thanks joanneRead full review...

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This is the first time I've ordered from this seller, and the product smells and feels different than what I've been using for the past 5 years. Not sure if it they changed the formulation recently, etc... but the lotion feel sticky on my face instead of dry & tightening like usual, and the smell is more floral than I ever remember it to be. I've only used it for one night so far but it does feel odd.Read full review...

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It really works

I am 57 years young and this is the only cream that works immediately that I have ever tried. You will see a difference right away. Within 2 weeks you will be amazed and by a month you will not believe your eyes. But you have to use it every night. Just wash your face , and put a little water back on your face to moisten it. Then apply the cream. I also use the day cream which is lighter and the eye serum which is amazing, Try it you will love it.Read full review...

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does what it promises - actually improves the skin texture, color, etc

I recommend taking before pics prior to using this product. it really does take away discoloration, scarring, wrinkles. check out some before and after pics on their website. I will be 60 soon and am happy with results from this amazing product. smells much better than when it first came out. lol. I hope it continues to maintain my skin as I age but so far so good. :) I highly recommend to others to at least try it. I hope you have as good results as I have had.Read full review...

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Additional information


Night Cream



Skin Type

Damaged Skin




Contains Glycolic Acid, All Natural Ingredients, Alcohol-Free

Target Area

Hands, Neck/Throat, Decollete, Face





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