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Mad Hippie Advance Skin Care Vitamin C Serum – 1.02 oz


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An antioxidant blend, formulated to brighten, tighten and smooth the skin, while reducing wrinkles and dark spots. The key ingredient is sodium ascorbic phosphate (STAY-CR 50), more stable and bioavailable than the traditional L-Ascorbic acid. Other key ingredients are vitamin E and ferules acid, which when combined with vitamin C, enhance the antioxidant effects and provide sun protection. Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin. Mad Hippie Skin Care Products 30 ml Vitamin C Serum.


Second buy! I love it!!!!!

These definitely WORK! Within 3 months your face will be brand new. Trust me and give yourself the time and this high quality face routine and try them. You won’t go back. And what a steal!!!!! I’d be spending $80-$100 everywhere else, insane!! You will never find a better price than this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!Read full review...


Excellent vitamin C serum

I have used many vitamin C products, from low to very high end, and this serum is a bargain. It works! I'm 65, and my skin glows. I used the product on my face and hands morning and night with a good moisturizer (applied after the C serum sinks in), and age spots have disappeared - not completely on my hands, but quite a lot. You use just a few dots of the serum to cover your entire face, so it lasts quite a while. Kudos to Mad Hippie. I'm going to try their creams since this product is so good.Read full review...

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Best above the rest

I love this brand if Vitamin C for the skin. I have used others that are comparable in price, but after trying several this is the one for me. It is very gentle and does not sting at all. I have been using it for a couple of years.Read full review...

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Great Vitamin C serum

I have bought different vitamin C serum is and this one is really good especially for the great price. I can tell that it is active and helping my skin.

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Magic in a bottle

I don't know what kind of miraculous liquid they put in here, but it performs some seriously amazing feats. I've only been using it for about two weeks, but my skin has become smoother than ever. The closed comedones that stubbornly stay on my face no matter what I do started coming up to the surface and clearing up. My skin tone has started to even out a bit as well. The texture of my skin is so smooth now, and I has to stop myself from touching it all the time. The serum is fragrance-free, but there is a slight natural scent. You have to put it up to your nose to actually be able to smell it though, and it's nonexistent once you put it on your face. The serum is water-light. It sinks into your skin immediately and leaves no residue, film, tackiness, or greasiness on your face. In addition, the formula is very gentle. My skin is moderately sensitive, but I didn't have any negative reaction to it at all. I haven't have the bottle long enough to comment on the stability, which is a concern regarding vitamin C serums. However, the ingredient list has sodium ascorbyl phosphate as the vitamin C derivative, which is relatively stable. At least, it's more stable than ascorbic acid, or pure vitamin C.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a vitamin C serum that's gentle, effective, and has relatively long shelf life after opening, I definitely recommend you to try this Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum.
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Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

Superb! Those with sensitive will delight! No lengthy review needed here. Do your review studies....you will find that over and over there are beaming reviews for this super safe, super effective and super cost efficient C serum.
If you get this one, you will have an excellent formula for a Vitamin C serum. Also, vitamin C needs vitamin E which boost efficacy of C and this one's got you covered here. With hyaluronic too-your moisture is covered. Face look is boosted after application and nice and smooth for make-up application or just to enjoy your skin as is. If you have to go out, of course, apply your sunblock beauties.
Like I said superb.
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Love, love, love all the Mad Hippie products...all of them. Love that they are made with pure ingredients and love the way my mature skin looks since I started using their products about two years ago. My skin is moist and dewy and I get lots of compliments on my great complexion. Wouldn't be without Mad Hippie...ever !Read full review...

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Good Looking Skin

I have been using Olay Regenerating serum for years. I tried Mad Hippie for the first time. I like that it dries very quickly so the foundation can be applied immediately. I started getting compliments on how great my skin looked so I am very happy with it and eBay offers it at the best price.Read full review...

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Seems to be a winner

Seems like an excellent product at a good price. Only used for a week, but so far very satisfied. It imparts a lovely texture to the skin, softening the look of pores. I have sensitive skin and I have not experienced a problem with this product. I do not recommend for under the eyes because the hyalauronic acid can cause eye puffiness.Read full review...


great stuff

I've been using Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum for awhile and I'm very impressed with it. It absorbs into my skin and my skin is better for it.

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