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Egyptian Magic 4oz All Purpose Skin Cream


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by Top favorable review

Love it!

I use this on my kids skin, it's awesome. It helps with nappy rashes in a matter of hrs without the nasty chemicals. Loooove it!

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by Top critical review

Might be counterfeit or maybe im allergic

My face has gotten really bad really red and bumps it's very irritated and itches ever since trying this I just found out there are counterfeit creams going around on eBay and Amazon if it is or isn't this cream has messed up my skin they say it will only mess up your skin if it's counterfeit because you don't know what's really in it I'm not using it anymore I'm throwing it away I didn't realize until now since my skin was for feeling good today after trying some healthy new products on the face but before I go to bed I put it on my face and right away my skin starts itching :(.... below is a picture of what it did to my skin take note my skin was not like this before not at all it has to be this cream!Read full review...

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Great product, good value!

I have read about Egyptian Magic in my magazines for a while now. It's always had good reviews and several celebrities reported using it. Recently I read reviews on Birchbox about how much people wanted to try it and those that did love it. So, I found it in ebay and ordered it. I thought it was a cream for some reason but it's more of a waxy , oily type stuff. It's feels good when you put it on and it has a really good smell. Not a sharp smell but a mild soft smell. I love the ingredients it says is in it. It takes a while to get it all over you as it's not like a lotion. I was a teeny bit disappointed in that but I like the product. Once you have it on, you are almost I cased in a water proof oil-wax as it has bees wax in it. I'm ok with that but I imagine some people may not like the feel of oil and wax. Plus if you're hot , you're going to sweat through it. Having said all of that, I love the way my skin feels after using it and I even put some in my feet and the glow with moisturized suppleness! It even made my extra dry foot completely "heal" if that's what you may call it. Overall I like the stuff!Read full review...



I am on my 2nd tub of this...so that's an indicator of how much I love this stuff! Some people call it a cream, but to me it is more or less a "balm" due to its consistency and texture. I use this all over my face before I go to bed and wake up with really supple, hydrated and soft skin. I think it makes a wonderful eye cream too - it keeps that area well hydrated. I am a little bit of a lipstick junkie and before I apply any lipstick, I will use a cotton tip and roll a bit of Egyptian Magic balm onto my lips to exfoliate them. As mentioned in other reviews, a little bit goes a long way. One tub lasts me about 12 months which is awesome. I've been blessed with quite clear skin overall (I very rarely break out) but this definitely brings out the best in my skin! This product will definitely be a staple in my skincare regimen...I can't imagine my life without it! I highly recommend this product!Read full review...


Awesome Product

This product is awesome and its great on your hands and feet. In my case, I've had radiation treatment and I still deal with some issues with my skin but this stuff helps so much by calming any irritation or itching. Great great product. I recommend it highly.Read full review...

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This is an imitation product. NOT the original. Buyer Beware.

This was not the real Egyptian Magic -- which is a clear cream and fragrance free. Instead what I got was a yellow-pink cream (see photo) that smelled heavily of Rose fragrance which I am allergic to (and now my eyes are burning!). Clearly, you get what you pay for, so I guess that for $13 instead of $35 I definitely got a sham product!!! Buyer Beware. Read full review...

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great stuff

if you have dry cracked winter skin this is a great product for that, also helps heal those cuticle cracks quickly without that greasy felling .

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BUY THE REAL STUFF and you'll be HOOKED! Promise!

This product is amazing! Takes a little while to absorb but leaves skin feeling soft. **MAKE SURE THE SELLER SHOWS PHOTOS OF THE LOT NUMBER AND EXPIRATION DATE STAMP ON BOTTOM OF JAR** It must look like the lot stamp on the Egyptian Magic Website or it could be fake. I recently got completely fake Egyptian Magic on Ebay and have since done my homework. Highly recommend the real thing :-)Read full review...


It really is magic..

..this hydrates my skin like a high end moisturizer would. Use it on my face and hands exclusively..and works wonders!

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Fantastic product!!

I have been using it for a year now. This works like magic. Just have to be patient. Work very well on skin diseases too. I. So thankful. I use it everyday so I need more.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: catherinduff9

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Regular Size

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All Skin Types




Day & Night Cream



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Hands, Body, Face, Lips, Eyes






All Natural Ingredients


Egyptian Magic

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