Preventing Health Risks During Pregnancy

Women would die in the name of beauty. Across all ages, races and nationalities, women like to look good and be appreciated. Women need to feel beautiful and sexy to earn the appreciation that they need.

Most women in their last trimester of pregnancy find it hard to believe that they are beautiful and sexy. Having a baby inside their womb makes them feel ugly, heavy and simply unattractive.

The feelings of unattractiveness and ugliness are relative to a pregnant woman. However, the heaviness of weight gain is a fact. All women who become pregnant, no matter how skinny they are prior to pregnancy, will gain weight with a baby inside their womb.

The fact is simple: a pregnant woman is carrying another human being, alive and breathing inside her womb. That fact is enough to justify the gained weight while pregnant.

The average weight that is gained during pregnancy is around 12 to 36 pounds. However, women who are overweight prior to pregnancy are asked by their doctors not to exceed their gained weight by more than 25 pounds maximum. This is in order to prevent certain diseases from developing during pregnancy like diabetes and heart diseases. These diseases not only put the mother at risk. They also affect the baby in the womb.

So how exactly can a pregnant woman prevent health risks during pregnancy? There are two keys: proper diet and exercise.

Proper diet during pregnancy would mean a diet in which the baby is taken into consideration. The mother should not go on crash diets and other diet programs that are unsupervised by their doctors.

Proper diet includes foods that are rich in whole grains (for carbohydrates) such as foods with whole wheat, whole oats and whole grains. Fresh fruits and vegetables should also be at the top of the list. High protein foods should not just be from red meat but also from plant sources like tofu. Keep the fatty foods at the bottom of the food pyramid. The main idea is to consume as much natural, fresh and high fiber foods as possible.

In addition, pregnant women should watch their calcium intake. Calcium is a much needed mineral not only for the mother but for the baby as well. Drinking milk and eating low-fat yogurt is encouraged.

Preventing diseases during pregnancy does not end with proper diet. Exercise and workouts are included as well. Pregnant women would usually be advised to have light work outs such as brisk walking and light aerobics. Tedious workouts such as push ups and sit ups are of course not allowed. The exercise should be balanced between the safety of the baby and the health of the mother as well.

If you are pregnant, make sure you consult the advice of a doctor before going through a diet and exercise plan. This is important for the safety of both the mother and the baby.

Source by Melissa M Burton


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