Lose Belly Fat With Vegetable Abs Diet

If you going after the six pack abs that you have always dream of getting then the first thing you need to do is to know how to lose body fat. It is easy for men to get a nice ripped abs but most of the time this set of abdominal muscles is covered under a layer of fat that settled around your torso.

To remove that layer of fat does not require you to skip meals or starve yourself. In fact you should never do that, it will only cause your body to burn away your muscles for energy and can also result in storing more stomach fat.

The best way to burn stomach fat you have to constantly provide your body with the right food throughout the day. Eating 5 to 6 small meals a day is the recommendation. With the right choice of food combinations to burn fat for each meal, you will actually lose belly fat fast. One important ingredient in the food combinations to burn fat is vegetable.

Vegetable are low in calories and high fiber, and will produce a negative calories effect (the amount of energy expended to digest vegetables is higher than amount of calories that vegetables provide). Vegetables also do not stimulate the production of insulin in our body because of the low caloric effect and when it is consumed with other food high in carbohydrates like rice and pasta will slow down the digestion process because of the presence of fiber.

By controlling the speed of digestion, the amount of sugar being absorbed by the body will be slowed down thus preventing a sudden raise in the blood sugar level. Sudden change in blood sugar level will trigger our body to release insulin into our bloodstream in an attempt to regular the sugar level. Too much insulin will have a fat storage effect in our body.

Also, vegetables are rich in essential minerals and vitamins which help our body to fight off different diseases. Thus, to optimize your body to burn fat and lose belly fat, eat lots of vegetables that are high in fiber. Examples are broccoli, artichoke, bean sprouts, cucumbers, snow peas, radish, spinach, asparagus, cabbages, onions, garlic.

However, if you preparing a salad using these vegetables you should go easy on the fatty sauces dressing because some of the dressings are high in calories. Instead you can go for vinegar based dressing, pepper, spices and seasoning to favor your salad.

Source by Ian Kuro


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