Let’s Travel to India and Sip the Assam Tea

Assam Tea has a very rich and strong flavour, quintessentially widely known as a Black Tea. The region of growing Assam Tea lies near the hot and humid region near the sea level and a cool, arid winter. This is one of the unique growing conditions gives the Assam brew a blend of special flavour, making the region as a most productive tea producing region in the world.

Production and Cultivation

In the first two decades, the production and cultivation of Assam brew was monopolised by the Assam Company. The Assam Company is operated by the local Kachari Community in the Upper of Assam. This drastically change in the production level of the Assam Tea from China to Assam. Today, majority of the Tea Estates in the Assam are the members of the Assam Branch Indian Tea Association. It is one of the ancient and projecting tea producers of India. The Tea grown in the Assam region in unlike in Darjeeling and Nilgiri’s.

Where can you buy Assam Tea?

Assam beverage is widely available in the market. It is easy to find in higher quality at speciality tea shops. You can also buy Assam tea online. If you are among them who are unsure where to start, then check out some cool tips below.

How to Steep your Assam Tea

There are different methods to prepare your loose-leaf and Tea Bags. Just follow the instructions carefully given below and get best sipping tea you have ever experienced.

The ideal temperature for an Assam brew is 90 Degree to 95 Degree Celsius. This is just below the boiling point. You can simple boil the water on a stove top burner and let it cool down for a good 30 seconds. Investing in a boiling water kettle might be worth an investment for you if you are a coffee or a tea lover. The ideal vessel to brew your Assam Tea is a ceramic tea pot, but you can brew any vessel.

1. Fill the cup and a teapot half way through with the hot water and pre-heat both. Tilt the vessel little bit so that water creeps in and then rotate it so that the vessel and the cup gets wet from all the side. Then the pour the water out.

2. Add one teaspoon of tea leaves in the teapot. For every 236 ml of water add 8oz. of leaves.

3. The water should be at a temperature of 90 Degree to 95 Degree Celsius and fill it into the teapot.

4. Cover the teapot with a lid and let it brew for 2 minutes.

Now, your tea is ready. Just pour it into the cup and serve it hot.

Be careful, while you are brewing your tea. It is difficult to understand your tea as brewing cheaper tea takes more time. No matter how carefully you steep your tea, these cheap teas leaves a bitter taste. Buy Assam Tea which is good in quality.


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