Interval Training – It’s For Women Too!

In the quest to lose weight and get flat abs, women often get lost in all the advice out there. It seems everyone has a different opinion on which method of exercise or which diet plan will work the best. The truth about getting flat abs, lies in the basic science of how the body works. The proven route to quick results and the most effective method of exercising is interval training.

When exercising the goal should be to deprive the muscles of oxygen so that the metabolism is revved up. When the metabolism start working it will start burning fat because it needs energy. This fat burning results in weight loss and can get women those flat abs they desire. So, how do you do this? It is simple. Start interval training.

Interval training is the process of alternating between high intensity and low intensity activity. You start at a low level and then go to a high intensity level then you go back to the low intensity. This cycle repeats for the whole workout. Your goal is to push very hard through the high intensity sections and to let your body recover and your heart beat lower during the low intensity sections of your workout.

By doing this cycle of high and low training your body is kept guessing. Your muscles are worked hard at the high levels so they are burning up energy and fat. When you go into the low intensity your body recovers and your muscles relax. Then you start all over and bump up the intensity which is a shock to your muscles and gets them working harder to stay up with what you are doing. This keeps them is a state of preparation which means they are burning fat constantly.

Interval workouts for women work so well because you to get results in a shorter period of time. Through intervals you can get more fat burning from a 15 minute workout than you would from a 45 minute straight cardio workout.

Women doing interval training should aim to work it into their regular workout schedule. This can be done in many ways. You should still follow the basic rules of working out. Start with a warm up and end with a cool down and stretching.

Good interval workouts include circuit training where you alternate between strength training for the low intensity and cardio for the high intensity. You can also do interval training on the treadmill by alternating between speeds. Almost any cardio exercise can be adjusted into an interval training pattern.

Women who want flat abs fast should start interval training. It is important that you understand getting flat abs comes from building up the muscles in the abdomen area and lowering the fat in your body. Interval training will allow you to burn fat fast. When combined with ab exercises, interval training will help women to get flat abs quickly. Starting your interval training today is the first step to your future with flat abs.

Source by Roger Ergle


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