How Can Pea Protein Help You Lose Weight?

Can adding something to your diet help you lose weight? Yes, if it is the right food! One of the best ways to reduce caloric intake is to reduce your cravings. This can be one of the toughest health and diet challenges to overcome, but there are foods that actually help you eliminate cravings. Pea protein is one of these foods.

Pea protein powder is made from yellow peas. It is a vegetarian source of protein and does not trigger the allergies sometimes caused by whey protein. Some people are allergic to whey protein powders, so drinking them actually triggers weight gain. This is because the body responds to the whey by retaining toxins, weight, and water, and responds with inflammation. Pea powder does not cause digestive issues and it is a great protein option for people who do not eat meat or dairy.

Pea Protein Powder Creates a Feeling of Fullness

The reason pea protein supports weight loss is because it triggers a hormone that helps the body feel full and satisfied. When you are eating unhealthy foods, you are constantly filling the body with empty calories. The foods fill space, but as soon as digestion begins, you feel hungry again. Protein creates a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time and eliminates cravings for sweets and carbohydrates, two of the most popular and destructive food cravings.

Informal studies have shown that consuming pea protein powder can reduce caloric intake by up to 1500 calories per day. It is important to eat a balanced diet in conjunction with pea protein, but the powder helps you resist cravings and mindless eating. When you are feeding your body only what it needs and the body feels satisfied with the appropriate number of calories it is eating each day, your weight naturally adjusts. Instead of sacrificing foods you crave and feeling deprived during a temporary diet, you are able to change your eating habits over the long haul without ever feeling punished.

How to Enjoy Pea Protein Powder

Pea protein powder can be added to smoothies. It has a mild taste and works much like other protein powders. Blending a scoop or two with fruit, dairy or nut milk, vegetables, and ice creates a filling, satisfying smoothie. You can adjust the ingredients in the smoothie to suit your personal taste. For instance, if you have just begun changing your diet and you still crave sweets, add more fruit than veggies to your smoothies. Apple, banana, and berries are great for masking less appealing flavors in blends. As you adjust to eating healthy, you can increase the vegetable content and stick with only one or two servings of fruit.

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