Gaining Muscle Weight – Proven Shortcuts For Fast Gains

If you are looking for ways to go about gaining muscle weight then I highly suggest you read this. Gaining lean muscle is not hard. What you need to focus on is having a solid diet as it will make up about 75% of your results. Here is how to put on lean muscle fast.

Gaining Muscle Weight – Proven Methods

1 Gram per Day

Everyone knows how important protein is when it comes to building muscle. Without protein, your body simply will not have the needed supplies to build your muscles larger and stronger. I highly suggest that you get about 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight. This will ensure that your body has an abundant supply of "building materials" to rebuild your muscles after workouts.

The best way to get your needed protein intake is by drinking protein shakes. They do not fill you up nearly as much as protein-rich foods which will allow you to load up on this …


These are the other needed ingredient for putting on lean muscle. Carbs will provide you with the energy needed to workout hard.

Do not forget the basic rule of gaining weight. You must take in more calories than you burn. With that said, be sure that the sources of food you get calories from are all wise choices. Junk food will only gain fat weight.


Although your diet is EXTREMELY important to gaining weight, you do need to work out. With that said, there are tons of different routines you could use which work. I suggest you choose a weight lifting program that gives you both a workout routine and meal plan. You do not want to mix and match with this stuff or you may have the two working against each other.

Source by Tony Bardo


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