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I even have had many confidence problems in my life, all of which I actually have either treated or overcome. I actually have written approximately some of those problems underneath.

1. The Bald Patch

2. My top

3. My weight

four. The stutter

five. My lack of notion in myself

6. My career


Even although to a few human beings it may appear trivial, I became born with a bald patch the size of a 10 pence piece. As I went thru adolescence and specially the teenage years I have become increasingly more self-aware and paranoid approximately it.

It become mainly important whilst it rained or when I went swimming as my hair could become wet. People at school might ridicule me and I was all the time trying to disguise and cowl the bald patch despite the fact that the majority knew about it.

It hurt when humans laughed at me and in the end I stopped going swimming altogether.


Out of all of my close male own family and friends, I am the shortest at 5ft four. This in all likelihood have to not influence my self belief but with people constantly searching down on me it did. I were known as many names, the nicest being “Shorty”.

I become always jealous of other humans taller than I become. I hoped that someday I may have a late spurt. This in no way got here.

My peak affected me with game. I desired to be a striker at soccer however the coaches handiest desired human beings over 6ft tall. At snooker I am continuously need to use the rest which makes it difficult to play up to the exceptional standard and at tennis I become constantly being lobbed. It also supposed that I best felt at ease courting ladies 5ft 3 and under which reduces the available marketplace drastically.


During senior school I changed into very thin. This may additionally had been the end result of my dad and mom turning vegetarian once I became twelve. At the time there had been only a few substitute meals and it regarded as even though we went from having meat and two veg to simply veg.

As my parents cooked the meals I had little option however to additionally turn vegetarian. After some weeks I approached them and informed them that I ignored and wanted to devour meat. They have been know-how to a degree and said:

“If you want it, you cook dinner it”

At this age I should handiest sincerely be afflicted to prepare dinner well a few days of the week and that step by step have become much less and less.

People at faculty might call me names like pores and skin and bone and my weight have become another location of paranoia for me.


At the age of four I evolved a stutter. This became progressively worse as I have become older despite the fact that my mother and father had been told that I would develop out of it.

For what fluent people would magnificence as easy responsibilities like reading from a ebook at school, answering questions, pronouncing my call and address, ordering objects on the bar or in a eating place, and talking on the cellphone have become a regular war.

It changed into a totally frustrating impediment, as I appeared to be able to speak quite fluently to people I knew nicely and whom I felt secure with, but at other instances specifically underneath any form of pressure could not say a phrase.

At the age of twenty two after approximately eleven months of sheer difficult paintings and exercise I managed to triumph over the stutter and I now assist different people who stutter to gain fluency in addition to helping humans with self belief issues.


I always had a lack of belief in sure areas.

I might notice a female in a bar as an example and might want to move over and speak to her however might have the bad attitude of I’m not good sufficient, why could she be interested in me? I stutter, I have a bald patch, I even have a menial job and I am very thin.

Even if I approach her and am a hit, I might then be anticipated to shop for her a drink, likely smartphone her, in all likelihood meet her dad and mom, and perhaps even get married! The concept of attempting this stuff with a stutter and with a lack of social confidence was some distance too daunting for me.

I left college at sixteen specially because of a loss of self belief and the stutter, but then had the hassle of finding a process. Again my loss of belief came shining through. Who might need to employ someone with a stutter, who has a lack of self belief and who is shy round human beings?


After leaving faculty at the age of sixteen I now had to discover employment. Suffering with a stutter and a popular lack of self belief meant that paintings regarding the cellphone or everyday interplay with different people had been not honestly an choice.

I determined that I could likely deal with submitting duties in an workplace and ultimately received a role at an coverage enterprise.

I started at the lowest grade, a grade and the work was ordinary and mundane. The common time to stay at this stage before being promoted become six months. The grade three post worried sharing a cellphone and that is some thing I observed very tough to apply.

To emerge as upgraded you needed to practice in writing to the personal officer and then if you surpassed the interview were then promoted. My mindset was that if I don’t practice I would stay as a grade two, that is what I desired. I become possibly the simplest individual in the united states of america who did not need to be promoted.

My boss might ask me at everyday intervals why I changed into no longer making use of and I might make up an excuse. To hold him glad I took the coverage checks. After three years I had finished the first qualification which became a set of 5 tests. To my horror my boss congratulated me via mentioning that he changed into upgrading me to a grade three starting Monday without the need of an interview.

This advertising ought to in effect have given me a self belief boost but with my stutter out of manipulate under the strain and some of my colleagues mocking me I have become increasingly withdrawn and depressed.

I could be invited to social occasions and could make up excuses of why I couldn’t pass as I had a lack of belief that I could address the event and all of the socialising worried.

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