Change Can Be a Daring Adventure

We are in an extraordinarily exciting and challenging time both at home, here in the United States, and internationally. We have seen an escalation of violence, mean spiritedness, hatred, lack of respect/dignity for and towards each other. Religious beliefs are being attacked and questioned. Integrity and morality seem to be hovering like a butterfly wanting to find the perfect flower to land on.

Where is the perfection? Where to look, who to trust, who to believe. What a quandary.

How do we begin to solve the issues that present themselves to us daily? We can look to, and put our trust in the government, officials, politicians, accountants or someone (anyone) to have all the answers. We can seek security in our jobs, businesses, partners, spouses, and community. But as was stated in one of the speeches in the recent political convention, we are better together!

What does that togetherness look like?

The noted anthropologist Margaret Meade said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

I am not endorsing any political party, but it is absolutely apparent that we can make a difference. We can affect changes. We are stronger together. Teamwork has always been more effective. If we are in alignment. Firstly we have to have some consensus on what the issues are. There are some issues that are very personal, and some impact us all. We have to find a way of respecting the personal so we can move to the communal.

We are at a critical time in our evolution.

The bigger questions must be how are we contributing to this beautiful Planet Earth we call our home; to our human brothers and sisters, rather than how can I line my own pockets. Please don’t misunderstand me, taking care of oneself (physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally) is first and foremost, AND it is important that we recognize that we are each other’s keepers. We do not exist in a vacuum. We have a responsibility to ensure that those who are unable to care for themselves, get cared for. We cannot turn our backs on the less abled.

Our houses are burning! (Better than crosses) If we don’t put out the fire, it will spread to our neighbor’s house, and the other neighbor’s and before long the entire community will be on fire. We will all suffer. We have to be invested into protecting our communities.

We have to learn ways of communicating with each other. We have to use the best and worst of our individual experiences, so that the shared values can emerge.

So how do we begin this monumental task of making changes? Firstly we have to be aware of our own thoughts, our feelings, our perceptions about each other and ourselves. In other words, we have to be mindful.

Mindfulness gives us the opportunity to be in the NOW. Totally. When we are present to what is happening to us, in us, around us, we get a sense of who we are, and we relate differently. We get into the higher vibration of the “moment.” We become observers and participants. We observe our bodies. How are we breathing? What are we feeling? Where are we feeling? We begin the self-examination. This helps to get us centered. We make better decisions when we are centered. We get the feeling and essence of being connected.

There are so many practices that can allow us access to our inner beings. We have to be willing to integrate that something special, something sacred into our daily lives. This exploration can give us a glimpse into the psychology of simply being human.

I believe that we are at the tipping point of going beyond the norm into a realm of expansive spiritual/scientific/religious/material/universal domain, and the break down of life as we have known it is making way for a break through to occur.

There are more questions than answers, and in the questioning; we may get the inner stirrings of how to begin solving the outer issues.

Delve into the inner you, so the shift can be seen, felt, experienced, and the ripple expand outward. The decision to change is personal, and the impact can be quite phenomenal. Our individual change might be the most revolutionary thing that is needed.

We are a major crossroad! The only way out is to move forward. Going backwards is not an option!


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