Auto Backup Your Website Secure & Free

Know How to Securely Backup Your Site Automatically for FREE

Why is it important to keep backing up your WordPress Websites from time to time?

Imagine what will happen if you lose all your website data and content at once? And you have no backup of anything you had put on your website, blog, or your business WordPress website. Or one day your site gets hacked or gets a malware attack or by mistake, you delete your website while updating, modifying, or optimizing something, or most unfortunately your hosting server gets crashed.

This is the worst situation that should not come at all. If you are not thinking about backing up your website, you are making a big mistake, and chances that you will end up regretting it later. But, if you are already prepared for such situations, you will save yourself from a very stressful situation!


WPvivid allows you to migrate a copy of your WordPress site to a new domain or host. You can schedule website backups, and store them on remote and cloud storage. WPvivid incorporates a new feature that allows you to clean unused images from your website before you back up and migrate the website. It allows you to Auto backup WordPress core, themes, and plugins.


It also has Multisite backup, Incremental backup, and Database backup encryption with many more such useful features.

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