As Google gets fatter there is more to love. I do.


What Google did for Christmas? In brief: Twain information on the same day absolutely melting the ice. Vacuum located.

Their new offerings spur others in turn, their sympathies can have an effect on a few big growth. Finally, wealth is spreading, from younger billionaires to you and to a baby boomer like me.

A few days ago, I bumped into a piece of writing approximately them that claims they construct a safe net for themselves, and all and sundry to apply. How does one figure? Google silently purchase left-over fiber optics at the bottom costs. Something exceptional for the future…

Yesterday, I went to Mozilla Firefox to get a referral button for my upcoming ezine. Have been the use of Firefox after a 2-week spy and bug attack returned in June. At that point, my computing device were invisible from pop-up home windows and the extent muted for virus alert sirens and my negative laptop couldn’t breathe the usage of IE…. Then I ran into Kaspersky, but that good fortune handiest lasted for 30 days as well; they desired $70… Since unfastened Firefox NOTHING not one unmarried intruder. I actually have peace. IE now sits and ruts…, whilst the FF plug-ins make lovely track.

So, I pass get the button, and what do I study? They, Google, now not best have a referral machine for adsense with neat little buttons, but they will take Firefox underneath their wings with some thing like ‘Google recommends Firefox’. I am touched! It’s the exceptional thing to show up for us, for these men operate in a speed that suits me, in comparison with MS. They’re livin’.

But, listen to this, at the SAME DAY, yes, the previous day, I get this article from Jim Edwards of http://simurl.Com/wonderwords named ”Google’s Next Step: Are Print Mail Order Catalogs Dead?”

He describes how any decent US print catalog is being listed and the pictures of every web page shown in their catalog database for free, and permanently. Google even update it manually. My favourite feature is that your objects on scanned print pages can be related to their twins for your website online.

I’d name that visitors. Yep, the pinnacle excellent traffic is unfastened. Been pronouncing that.

So, final night, I stayed up, needed to besides, because I changed into on an eye fixed. Uploading my huge documents to
http://simurl.Com/show off, while ms automated XP replace desired to restart the laptop. Took me a while to find the way to exchange that off.

Don’t you envy the life of those, who spend their days in a talk with heartwarming Microsoft-warez. Have we created a monster shopping for Bill’s stuff? My day swishes by means of enduring Frontpage crashes and Word peculiarities I may also in no way get used to, and yet I in some way am.

No, that’s not the cause why I wrote this. What I desired to mention is:

“Get your print catalog to Google in time for Christmas.” US handiest.

1- Download this Free: http://www.Techsrl.Com/easycatalog/English/down load.Htm (Demo-restrained to ten)
2- Upload your Files Here and pay very little: http://www.Printpelican.Com/ (Very little! Minimum 25 Catalogs)
3- Go to http://catalogs.Google.Com/googlecatalogs/catalog_vendors.Html and get the mailing deal with.

I give you 10 days.

So, then I think, what approximately the men from Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada, South Africa, India?

Easy, ultimate night time I stayed up and made a domain to let them in on it. Maybe you would love to do it, too; Get a permanent spot on Google’s new catalog beta web site, I imply.

Come appearance. Gotta be subscribed.

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