7 Elements to Take Into Account to Design Your Lean Muscle Building Diets

1) Lean muscle is metabolically active which means it requires a lot of energy to function. It is what helps maintain metabolism at a high rate. It is also a term that means, good strong muscle. It is much more active, burning calories at a significantly higher rate than fat does and is an active tissue, so you should definitely have some kind of strength training component in your workout.

Lean Muscle Building Diets

2) Fat is an energy source for the body, but most people have much more than they need. Fat is needed to provide the needed energy to build lean muscle. It is always advisable to get the fat from healthy foods and not from any junk one that you find at any grocery store.

3) Include protein before and after your workouts, along with proper dieting, rest, and hydrating, and your ripped body building efforts will be a success. Most dramatic fatty reduction diets today trick your body into weight loss and in the process, sacrifice a high percentage of lean muscle mass that is a fat burning tissue. Up to 30% of the weight lost on a fat restricted diet may consist of lean muscle so, we need to be very careful about this subject.

Protein provides amino acids which build and repair muscle tissue. So it is used to build and repair damaged muscle, and that is exactly what you want to do when you train. Protein is critical for cellular structure, lean muscle building diets to promote this kind of muscle mass.

4) Carbs are the primary source of energy. During exercise, our body uses the glycogen stored in our muscles for energy. Breakfast is meant to break the fast from the night before and gives you the energy that your brain and muscles need to maintain all your daily activities. When you skip breakfast or other meals, your body does not have glucose available available so it starts to look toward your stored energy (glycogen) for fuel or in the worst of the cases breaks down the protein from your muscles to obtain the needed energy so please always have your breakfast.

5) Increasing your lean mass means you increase your metabolism, energy, vitality, and strength. When you lose your lean muscle you reduce your metabolism, have less energy, and routine activities become more difficult because you do not have the strength to do the things you want. You want to keep your lean mass because it is what helps keep your metabolism up.

6) Resistance training is a must to lean muscle building diets, because it not only speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose the unwanted body fat, but it also burns calories more efficiently, even while you sleep. A note for women: Resistance training will make you smaller, firmer and sexier. You always should complete your resistance training with some cardio routine, the corresponding warm up before begin your training and your after training stretch.

7) Lean muscle is like a car engine. It is the last thing a trainer wants to lose. It is destroyed on not wise diets. It is achieved through a combination of nutritional control and training and is vital to burning calories and eliminating the body's shape. Building lean muscle should be the number one goal of almost any person that starts training.

Source by Daniel Cajiga


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