6 Reasons Why Case Studies Are A Terrific Market For Freelance Writers


I recollect the primary time a client supplied me a case take a look at writing assignment.

I turned into petrified.

It changed into early in my freelance writing career and I didn’t even realize what one appeared like. I had a whole lot of questions. “What the heck is a case observe?” “How long is it?” “What is the format?” “How much do I rate?”

I didn’t have a clue.

Of path, these days, I understand more. A lot more. In reality, I write dozens of case studies for clients each yr.

Case studies now rank excessive on my list of the maximum fascinating — and profitable — tasks I manage. (I’m sure satisfied that customer offered me the activity all those years in the past!)

If you’re strange with case research, don’t worry. They’re honestly pretty simple. A case look at is just a flowery call for a fulfillment tale – the tale of a glad client and his or her experience using a products or services.

Lately, I’ve observed that an increasing number of companies want case research written, yet have problems locating writers who can do the task.

That spells OPPORTUNITY for you and me.

And it gets higher. Consider the subsequent:

1. Case research aren’t hard to write down.

They are comparable in style and format to a newsletter article. So if you may write one of those, you can write a case take a look at.

2. Case studies are surprisingly brief

Usually about four hundred-800 phrases in length. Once you’ve gained a little enjoy, you’ll be capable of knock one off in much less than a day.

3. The codecs are standardized

Unlike ads and direct mail, you gained’t get confused out through having to come up with a astonishing new concept or killer headline. The fundamental structure of a case examine is remarkably simple. All that’s required of you is to get the statistics and write an amazing piece.

Four. Case take a look at writers are in demand

More corporations are scrambling to get case research written nowadays than ever earlier than. I can’t come up with an specific determine but, for my part, the demand for case examine writers has improved notably during the last couple of years.

5. There is little competition

I’m not positive why, but few copywriters go after this marketplace. Some may not understand it exists. Others may additionally mistakenly think that case research are dull or technical. Not actual! Case look at writing is storytelling. It’s a laugh.

6. Case studies pay well

Surprisingly properly. Now you received’t get the superstar charges paid to big-league unsolicited mail copywriters. But maximum customers do pay handsomely for case study writing. Earning $a hundred in line with hour is not an unreasonable expectation for an skilled writer. I recognise many that earn plenty greater.

Right now the case take a look at marketplace is booming. Why now not soar in and get your proportion of these captivating and lucrative writing gigs?

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