22 Questions to Ask Before You Write a Single Word


To write a success reproduction, you want to realize as an awful lot as you can. It goes beyond reading historical past substances, reviewing antique advertising portions and doing some cursory research on the Web.

You want to get inside peoples’ heads.

Start together with your clients. They realize their business and their clients higher than you do. (If they don’t, they need to. You can help them analyze extra.)

How? Use a advertising/innovative quick to get the information you want to ace the copywriting (and advertising) challenge. (A advertising/innovative quick is a tool utilized by ad corporations and corporate advertising and innovative departments.)

Following is a marketing/innovative brief adapted from one I used for the duration of my stint at a Seattle advert organization. Even even though I now paintings solo, I nevertheless use it these days.

(Begin form)

Marketing/Creative Brief

(Note: Designed for B2B; tons of this brief is also applicable to B2C.)

Good enter is fundamental to a successful task, marketing campaign, or advertising program. This advertising and marketing/innovative quick is designed to elicit properly input. But it takes thorough and thoughtful answers in your part. Please answer the subsequent questions carefully.

1. What is the outline of the piece(s)? (Ad, Web web site, brochure, radio script, junk mail, and so forth.)

2. What is the marketing focus? (What products or services are we telling approximately?)

three. What is the communications trouble that the piece(s) have to solve? (Awareness, positioning or repositioning, product creation, category creation, and so forth.)

four. Who is the target market? (Demographics, name, feature, obligation, and so on.)

5. What is their factor of view approximately the product, carrier, category?

6. Who is the secondary target market(s), if any?

7. What enterprise troubles or troubles does the product(s)/service(s) resolve for the target audience(s)? (Efficiency troubles, profitability troubles, operations problems, era troubles, and so forth.)

8. What effect will we need the piece(s) to have on the target market(s)? (Purchase, telephone name, visit Web site, request more facts, growth their consciousness, and so on.)

nine. What can we provide to gain the favored response? (Demos, situation assessment, sales collateral, non-public visit, white paper, and so on.)

10. What is the single vital message we need to inform the target audience(s) to obtain the preferred effect? (Be as concise as viable.)

11. What proof is there to assist our claims? (Features and benefits, testimonials, case studies, and many others.)

12. Can all and sundry else make a comparable promise?

13. Are there any technology troubles to address? (Compatibility, running systems, hardware requirements, and many others.)

14. What precise enterprise issues have to be addressed? (Trends, and so on.)

15. Are there any enterprise, product or competitive troubles to be avoided?

Sixteen. What tone have to the piece employ? (Hardhitting/serious, instructional/informative, funny, and so on.)

17. What do you like approximately your cutting-edge piece(s)? (Look and sense, tone, messaging, functionality, and so forth.)

18. What don’t you want about your modern-day piece(s)? (Look and sense, tone, messaging, functionality, and so forth.)

19. What normal impressions (look and experience, etc.) could you like the piece(s) to make?

20. Will this piece(s) be used with any other portions? (proposals, collateral, letters, and many others.)

21. How will the piece(s) be used (online, depart in the back of, trade shows, mailed, etc.) and at what factor in the income cycle?

22. Any different feedback?

(End shape)

Admittedly, getting customers to answer those questions isn’t always clean.

That’s why it’s first-rate to be flexible with using a marketing/innovative short. You can ask the customer to fill it out. You can use it to interview the client. You can fill it out your self for the customer’s review. Any type of collaborative approach works properly.

In the quit, pressure for your clients that in the event that they need more clicks, more leads and more income, they want to actively participate within the input technique.

One you have got all the records you want, you’re geared up to put in writing a winner.

(c) 2005 Neil Sagebiel

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