Why Facebook Has Become an Important Networking Tool

I think God had me in mind when Mark Zuckerberg helped start Facebook. If you are in college or university right now you need to focus on building meaningful relationships and working on providing solutions using what God has given to you.

Building networks is hard, especially when you come to a big city like Nairobi and all you have is a CV the size of a razor blade’s breadth and a thick skin developed from attending Homegrown University. I discovered this when I joined Facebook. I still think the word ‘mutual’ friends is misrepresented because there is nothing mutual about the mutual friends I have on Facebook. Yet, because of it, we are becoming a close-knit family.

And because I didn’t know anyone, I would log into my account and hit the search button. My target was to get a total of 26 friends from A-Z. By the time my friend list hit 226 I discover that there was nothing mutual between me and my friends. I met most of them at a time when I was embarking on a new phase in life.

I look back to the days I would call total strangers for all kinds of help. I did not know where to turn to at first. But then I remembered the network I had started to build on Facebook. It is Facebook that I turned when I wanted to shave one hundred boys in juvenile prison. It is also the place where I got a pair of shorts, shoes and underwear for a boy who was attending court proceedings.

Because of the network I am building through Facebook, I have been able to meet and mentor hundreds of juvenile prisoners, I have participated in transforming the lives of children by teaching them about reading, purposeful living and God’s love for mankind through Christ.

Do not underestimate the power of Facebook or any other social network, the next time you want to do something like building your network and sphere of influence. Just start with one person and keep building your network. The most important thing to remember is that behind every name on Facebook, there is a real person who is looking and hoping to build their own network.

This means that you should treat them with respect and dignity. Do what you expect them to do to you. and when they share something personal with you, do not betray their trust. Trust me, what goes around has a way of coming around.


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