Home Business Owner – Is Working From Home Effective Or Not?

Home Business Owner

We have seen unprecedented technological advancements in the last decade or so. However, of late, we have also been hearing about more and more corporate downsizing even by the biggest of names and highest of profit earners. This has given rise to a lot of deep thinking at the level of medium and small scale operators including those in relatively safer jobs. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of being a home business owner.

Apart from what is stated above, being a home business owner gives you more time with your friends and family, leading to a better work-life balance. Here are some more reasons for looking at the option of becoming a home business owner:

1. More productive hours in hand – The time you were spending on commuting and in those traffic jams is now your additional productive time. Use it for work or for some qualitative improvement in your everyday lifestyle.

2. More money in hand – Work harder or work smarter or do both. The choice is yours and the additional money is also all yours.

3. Better food and better health – Home cooked food is not only more economical but also healthier.

4. Lower overhead expenses – Being a home business owner means marginal savings on rent, electricity, property taxes and maintenance expenses.

5. Ready availability for family – This would be particularly relevant if one has school going children, as helping them off in the morning and being there when they come back would be very helpful to them. Also, if you have to attend to someone who’s unwell, it is easier to get up from your home desk as compared to your formal office seat.

6. Opportunities for personal growth – As you have to wear different hats on different occasions, it gives you opportunities for your personal growth and also a higher self-esteem.

7. Opportunity to show your creativity – As a home business owner, you have multiple occasions to show your creative talents and hobbies and for turning them into money making opportunities.

To be a home business owner, one can look for opportunities in arts, crafts, designing, building and construction, property services, consultancy, day care, food and catering or simply as a free lancer in the field that you are most proficient in or passionate about.

We do hope that you are now convinced that in today’s time, it is important to consider being a home business owner.

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