Why You Need to Start Using the Relationship Tab on LinkedIn

Relationship Tab Tool

LinkedIn’s new relationship tab tool is a great way to remember why you connected with someone. It provides information about when you connected, and it allows you to add notes and reminders. This is where you can write in your goals for that person, and when you want to reach out to the person again. For example, in the notes section, you can write about how each connection goes, so you know where you left off when you’re about to speak to that person again.

In addition to the notes and reminders, there are two other areas for you to use. The “how you met” can be useful to know where you met the connection, so you can refresh the person’s mind when you’re connecting. That will make it more comfortable for the person you’re reaching out to, so you don’t seem like a stranger. The tag section is for you. You can put in words such as warm lead, prospect, colleague, or anything else that you may want to search for at some point. That way when you want to review your warm leads, all you have to do is search for them.

How to Use It Effectively

It will take some time to enter in all of the information for each of your connections, but it will be well worth it. As you’re building your network, you’re going to be thankful that you’ve added this information. It will save you time when you’re looking to convert some of your leads. People will be impressed how much you remember about them, and be more likely to engage with you.

The best way to use this tool is to get on a schedule. Every Monday, you may want to review your leads, reach out to them, and then schedule your next connection for a week or two out. When one of your leads connects with you, enter in what you discussed and how close the person is to buying or helping you depending on your goals. That way the next time you receive an alert to contact the person again, you can quickly remember what you need to say next.

All of the Information You Need in One Place

Many people use applications like SalesForce to capture leads, but with LinkedIn, you don’t have to manually transfer any information. All of your contacts are on LinkedIn and their profiles give you the information you need. By using the relationship tab tool, you can do just as you would with your current client management tool. It can save you time and money since LinkedIn doesn’t charge you for using its tool.

Start using this tool today. Many entrepreneurs and business owners are in love with it because it’s helping them grow their network and convert leads every day. We’re pretty sure you’ll have the same experience.


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