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First, I ought to admit. I’m a terrible client. I’m a stressful perfectionist who hardly ever feels that he’s getting his money’s well worth. This is mainly proper of hosting companies. In the past 4 years, I’ve had to trade vendors at least six instances because I felt that I become not getting what I paid for. This quick remark is fairly of a treat for me as I sooner or later get to say some thing accurate about a hosting company!

A little over years in the past I become analyzing up at the contemporary technology in considered one of my favored courses, eWeek, once I ran throughout a pleasing, full-web page ad from 1and1 presenting an introductory provide of unfastened hosting for 3 years. Wait! What! No way! This has were given to be too correct to be proper! Off to the trusty laptop I go…

Sure sufficient, it was the real deal. 1and1 become indeed supplying unfastened web web hosting for three years to introduce its new public sector hosting provider. Well, like all top coins-strapped university scholar, I stepped right up and got me a chunk of the pie. I’ve were given to mention, the pie become true too!

After kind of years of hosting with 1and1, with minimum problems I ought to say, I commenced to word that I changed into getting dangerously near the bandwidth allowance my loose package deal needed to provide. No big marvel there; this stuff appear whilst you’re seeking to establish an online presence and also you offer loose downloads. It become time to improve my web hosting.

At the time, there have been no high-quality specials going on at 1and1 so I decided to save round. That became a notable mistake! What I were given turned into a path in how *now not* to run a web hosting provider. I might be well mannered, this time, and no longer call and companies, however allow’s just say stay far from reasonably-priced reseller web hosting accounts! The uptime is nowhere near what they promise and each time you switch around a few fool is going for walks a script that bogs the server down to a move slowly.

After a pair months, a bit of wasted coins, and numerous moves backward and forward among providers, I subsequently conceded that 1and1 turned into indeed the great host I had stumble upon to this point. As success could have it, I had obtained an e mail from 1and1 announcing a notable advertising for their unfastened preview package holders (obvious advertising trick, however true timing in my scenario). They have been offering their top shared Linux package for 1/2 the fee. Ok, that seems like a bargain, and it changed into, but what about next yr? Well, this is wherein it gets even higher. Not best did I get the bundle at half of price, but they assured that rate for 3 years with unfastened improvements!

I might not be the brightest mild bulb inside the container, but I realize a good deal once I see one. So, as I’m sure you’ve already discovered, I signed up. What I got turned into an entire lot more than what I bargained for, and actually, ought to have hoped for. Almost right away after upgrading, I observed that my websites had been going for walks quicker. I’m assuming that paid customers are located on less crowded servers.

Then, the primary upgrade came. My space and bandwidth had been doubled at no extra price. I notion to myself, cool, I’ll take it! A couple weeks later, I was browsing the 1and1 web site evaluating capabilities for a potential customer after I noticed that the package I even have have been bumped to ridiculously excessive stages. Even though I become getting my money’s worth on the time, I felt a bit sour that I wasn’t getting the overall package spec. After all, I became promised that I could get every package improve.

Just like every other nightmare client, I right away dialed billing to provide them a bit of my mind. Apparently, the billing agent changed into no stranger to hard customers like me. Within a couple of minutes of talking to me, he got me defused and assured me that my bundle might be added up to spec within 4 weeks. That became weeks ago. He explained that it was taking more time than expected to upgrade all their contemporary accounts to the new account specs. He truly amazed me whilst he stated that I’d virtually be getting more than what become presently listed on the site. What?! Ok then! Thank you to your time! Needless to mention, I became left feeling very nice about that help name.

Here’s where we get into the numbers… When I logged into my account today, I became greeted by using some very beneficiant numbers for the package deal I have. I determined that I now have 30,000MB of garage and 1,500 GB of transfer on a shared website hosting account that generally runs $19.Ninety nine/mo! Wait! That can’t be proper! Those are VPS specifications! Yup, you study right. 30GB of garage and 1.5TB of transfer for under $20/mo. PLUS, with 1and1, I only pay $5.Ninety nine in line with domain, consistent with yr.

Now, let’s be actual right here. Those numbers are splendid and all, but different vendors offer similar specifications. What units 1and1 aside? For starters, uptime! With each other host I’ve used, uptime become a prime difficulty. This is not so with 1and1. I can expect one hand how many times within the beyond years my site changed into no longer to be had and nearly every time it turned into related to an ISP router, not 1and1! Also, one of the matters I’ve sincerely grown to appreciate is their one-of-a-kind manage panel. It’s a bit slow, but it more than makes up for it in streamlined administration. This is specially authentic of the area management. Even entire n00bs have no hassle navigating the 1and1 manipulate panel and dealing with their package deal like a seasoned.

Again, I’m not the very best character inside the international to impress, especially when it comes to hosting carriers. Nevertheless, 1and1 has virtually raised the bar of what an amazing website hosting company is in my thoughts. They are actually the benchmark with the aid of which I will degree all web hosting companies. If you are in the market for an amazing, dependable, low cost website hosting issuer, I can’t say sufficient high-quality approximately 1and1.

There is most effective one poor I’ve located with 1and1 and it is no longer even actually a poor. They’re a chunk restrictive on script execution. If you reflect onconsideration on it, in a shared hosting surroundings, this is a great factor, and this additionally explains why the most effective time I’ve noticed the server surely being down turned into at some stage in a scheduled hardware upgrade. Now, who is going to whinge approximately a free upgrade in performance?

If you would love extra statistics on 1and1 and the packages they provide, I inspire you to visit their website. Just as a factor of reference, I’m going for walks on the Developer Package. I assume you’ll find that it’s a extra than good enough package deal for mild to heavy traffic web sites.

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