10 ways women restaurant owners and managers are using unconventional restaurant marketing and advertising to skyrocket profits


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Many women restaurant proprietors and bosses have learned how to drive a ravenous crowd to their restaurants on a shoe string finances.

On the other hand, many men eating place proprietors and managers seem much more likely to stay with the fame quo and plenty of keep the usage of traditional advertising strategies even while they continue to lose cash.

The trouble with conventional eating place marketing strategies is that they’re getting an increasing number of costly even as they may be proving to be less and much less powerful.

Maybe a psychologists can provide an explanation for why ladies are taking the lead of the usage of unconventional restaurant strategies in the eating place commercial enterprise. This appears unusual because we recognize that men are normally greater inclined to take dangers.

Never-the less, women seem to be the more competitive gender in relation to restaurant advertising and marketing.

Here are a number of the many unconventional advertising and marketing techniques women are now the use of:

1. Women are using a long way less radio, TV and print advertising.

2. They are doing a far higher job of shooting purchaser facts together with names, addresses, birthdays, anniversaries and maximum important e mail addresses.

3. Women are doing numerous direct mail promotions and they’re doing even extra email promotions to their customer facts base.

4. They are taking advantage of the power of press releases. Maybe they’re more successful on this location due to the fact a awesome press release must strike an emotional button within the reader and we all know that women excel with regards to tuning into emotions.

5. Women understand what their "Unique Selling Proposition" or "USP" is and they can absolutely provide an explanation for it in a single to three sentences. They do not attempt to be all things to every body on the subject of advertising and marketing their restaurant.

6. They understand the demographic of their clients. They do a higher task of getting to know what it’s miles that their customers like and dislike.

7. Women do a far higher activity of negotiating and with these capabilities, they are capable to buy advertising for 10% to 50% at the dollar. After all, every dollar saved on advertising and marketing (as long as the marketing brings inside the equal quantity of enterprise) is going immediately to the lowest line as profit.

8. They appear to write headlines that bring in two to 10 instances more business for the equal advert. They possibly do that because they are capable of do a better task of putting effective emotion into their headlines.

Nine. Women are the use of the electricity of the Internet to bring in clients and shop up to 90% of the everyday fee of bringing in a brand new or repeat client.

10. Finally, ladies do a higher task of monitoring advertising campaigns than guys do. This truth by myself presents them with the proof they want to drop conventional advertising techniques that are not working and extend the use of unconventional restaurant strategies which are operating.

This information is from Jerry Minchey, editor of Marketing Your Restaurant.


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