10 Tips To Build Better Sites For You Or Your Customers – part 1


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1 – Easiest to wager: concept. A good concept is nearly 100% achievement. If You think first-class photos or quality animations are the keys You are incorrect. People come to You because You’ve were given the records they want or they search. Think of it: build an every other web site with the identical content material or construct a website with a brand new content material? Don’t You need to be first? Don’t want to offer some thing new to potential clients? Even don’t You want to earn a few money for Your time and informations or products? Find Your area of interest and be the one in it. Let the human beings come to You.

2 – First appearance – very vital. If I enter a site which has dark shades I’m out and never get returned. OK, I return best if that website online sells or promotes a few type of darkish film or horror books etc. I love or look for. But darkish historical past is not correct idea for ordinary web sites. People doesn’t need to look at black websites due to the fact they pushes off. People need to have a look at bright web sites with cool colours but no longer competitive to them.

Three – Animations – aggravate or now not? Yes. Another vital element. I like web sites with flash animations but now not too competitive and now not in full display screen mode hiding the relaxation of site. I opt for small amount of animations. They need to be tiny and essential elements of website online. Also they must have a "skip" button to skip intro and get to proper website. Of course animations may be big but simplest in the event that they have a few snap shots of products You promote or sell. Interactive catalog is right however flying canine chasing motocat is not desirable if You don’t sell puppy accessories…

4 – Navigation – where’s my hotel? People don’t need search for something else they seeking out. Where’s navigation bar? Where’s site-map? Where’s the coolest window cleanser I’m seeking out? How can I buy it? Hello?! Damn… And never get back to You. The solution for that is simple: give him/her a seek-container, FAQ, instructions "a way to discover", "how to shop for", "how to seek" etc. Think that the customers do not want to think about what, wherein, how and so on. And You ought to supply them an answer to their arms. Maybe this is impolite to say: "every person are idiots" but it truly is a reality: they’re lazy and don’t want to look extra they may be must…

5 – Functionality – how big is a cart? Every website online must be useful. Several hyperlinks and no FAQ? I’m out. Be Your first consumer who’s coming into Your website. What do You see? Do You recognise the entirety what, where, how? What do You do if cart is complete? What if You didn’t find what You looking for? Is there a wishlist? Or mail-touch? Or online carrier? Think of it. Maybe You locate there are many matters to alternate, perhaps no longer. Be a YourSite.Com beta tester today to keep away from mistakes and construct higher functionality.

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