10 Things You Should Expect From Your IT Copywriter


Anyone who’s ever tried advertising and marketing IT services or products knows that it’s a specialist field. Your clients in the IT industry have very particular and precise requirements, and that means you do too. In order to put in writing compelling replica around your offering, you need a copywriter with a solid know-how of the IT international – a person who’s no longer afraid to name themselves an “IT Copywriter”.

So how do you realize while you’ve discovered an IT copywriter? And – greater importantly – how do you know what to anticipate from them? The following 10 suggestions will come up with an amazing know-how of the traits to look for – the matters that make a copywriter an IT copywriter.

1) IT history

Perhaps the maximum beneficial best in an IT copywriter is a stable heritage of some type in the IT enterprise. If your copywriter shares an understanding of your area, you’ll spend some distance less time explaining the blessings of your services or products. Remember the remaining time you think someone glaze over as you waxed lyrical about the wonders of your modern-day era? You don’t want that to appear whilst you’re briefing your copywriter. More importantly, you don’t want that taking place when your capability customers study your copy!

2) Technical writing revel in

Good technical writers are experienced in bridging understanding gaps. This manner they must recognize the technology, but additionally they should be able to speak about it within the layperson’s language. A copywriter with technical writing enjoy in the IT enterprise is likely to have domain knowledge and an capability to hit the floor going for walks. They’ll be quick on the uptake, in order that they’ll recognize your service or product extra swiftly than most.

Of path, not each technical writer is a IT copywriter. You need to make certain they are able to write compelling replica – not simply dry training manuals. Take a look at their samples and testimonials earlier than making a decision.

The different vital consideration – mainly in case you’re after a website copywriter – is, do they have got on-line writing experience? Writing for an online medium is absolutely different to writing for print. Readers have exceptional necessities and objectives, and analyzing situations are very exclusive. Many technical writers have written online help, so they must recognize a way to cater to these variations. To make sure, ask them to advise a most page length or word count number per web page. The correct answer need to encompass some comment on the alternate-off among the troubles of scrolling and the need for a excessive keyword remember for search engine optimization. Ask them whether they pick lengthy sentences or quick (and wish to hear “brief”).

3) Further Education

IT services and products are usually very complex in themselves. What’s more, the wishes of the end-consumer are also very complex and specific. This means there’s commonly quite a steep learning curve for all of us new. Ask your IT copywriter in the event that they have tertiary qualifications. It’s no longer important, and – by way of itself – it’s no assure of first-class replica, however it’s commonly an excellent indicator of someone who’s been educated in the artwork of mastering (i.E. Learning, information filtering and modelling, expertise retention, and so on.).

The turn-aspect of that coin is to be wary of folks who are technically certified. Don’t bargain them on sight (many technical people have made tremendous IT copywriters); simply keep in mind that technically educated humans will be inclined to take lots of factors without any consideration whilst talking to put-people. Your IT copywriter needs to be able to recognize the technology and its complexities, however still relate to the troubles of the non-technical client.

4) Management Experience

Anyone with management revel in – at any level – has handled choice makers. They may additionally actually have been a selection maker themself. In any form of advertising, you want to attraction to the decision maker. Your IT copywriter needs to broaden an information of the wishes, influences, pressures, troubles, work environment, and constraints of your standard choice maker(s). The greater knowledge your IT copywriter brings to the connection, the less time you’ll spend education them.

Five) Marketing Experience

Actual advertising enjoy is a large plus. It brings with it a broader expertise of strategic advertising and marketing and the realities of operating with a range of hard humans and evolving services and products. Look for an IT copywriter with company enjoy as a advertising manager or marketing coordinator, or someone who runs a copywriting business with a heavy advertising and marketing focus.

6) Testimonials

Anyone can name themselves an IT copywriter; few have the patron testimonials to prove it. Testimonials are a extraordinary manner to validate your IT copywriter’s claims. Ask to look some and study them carefully. Don’t simply study the agency name and logo. You want to decide if the clients’ phrases returned up the copywriter’s claims. And ensure the testimonial relates to the sort of paintings you’re commissioning (or some thing with comparable necessities).

7) IT Samples

The evidence is within the pudding. ALWAYS ask capability IT copywriters to ship you samples in their paintings. And – as with testimonials – don’t be fooled by flashy packaging, big names, and recognisable emblems. Read the words. Are they applicable to your task? Do they bring about a clean understanding of the concern depend? Do they bring blessings or just features? Are they written in a fashion which you locate smooth to read, yet compelling? And when you’ve study the phrases, double-check precisely how a good deal input the copywriter had in their writing. Not all reproduction is written from scratch. Some copywriters paintings in groups, and others do more editing than writing. Make sure you get a clean knowledge of your IT copywriter’s capabilities and revel in earlier than commissioning them.

8) Understand Benefits

Your customers aren’t interested by what you do; they’re inquisitive about what you can do FOR THEM. In different words, they’re inquisitive about what benefits your services or products will supply. How will it make their day easier, greater fun, much less demanding, more secure, or extra worthwhile? Identifying benefits is one of the hardest responsibilities in any advertising mission. In reality, many people depend upon their copywriter to help them discover the most compelling blessings. Does your IT copywriter truely apprehend the advantages you’re selling?

9) Contributes value

A true IT copywriter ought to have strong expert experience. They must convey price in your marketing push which is going far past the written word. Strategy, approaches, imagery, contacts, anecdotes, company identification… Your IT copywriter ought to bring more to the table than grammar and punctuation. Expect them to make pointers, now not virtually take notes and say “Yes”.

10) Plus all of the ordinary copywriter necessities…

Of path, your IT copywriter should be capable of satisfy all of the ordinary copywriter requirements. Ask for a contract of works to be finished, a time estimate, a plan of attack, a CV, and search engine marketing replica capabilities (if seek engine presence is critical to you). For extra information about what to expect from a ordinary copywriter, see http://www.Divinewrite.Com/websitecopywriter.Htm.


Traditionally, copywriters have been seen as a small cog inside the huge advertising gadget. As a end result, most copywriters have risen thru the ranks of widely wide-spread advertising groups. These days, but, more and more humans are sidestepping the corporation and going direct to the copywriter. This method offers them consistency across all of their written collateral, more compelling and tasty copy, and more responsive carrier. Within the enterprise, this variation method that copywriters aren’t confined to ad businesses, and are able to specialise. The stop result to you? While finding a very good IT copywriter with an IT background remains a big project, it’s without a doubt becoming less difficult. You definitely need to take some time to invite the proper questions.

Good success.

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