10 Offline Tightwad Marketing Strategies to Help You Get More Clients


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Copyright 2006 Donna Gunter

Several years in the past, in reaction to client requests for no-price or low-fee advertising and marketing techniques, I coined the term "tightwad advertising". My definition of tightwad advertising is the art of doing greater with less, or the use of your creativity in place of your checkbook to get the word out about your commercial enterprise.

Even although the saying, “If you build it they may come” worked for Kevin Costner’s individual in the film, “Field of Dreams”, life does not often imitate artwork. Usually the primary thing that pops into a person’s mind once they consider marketing is, “I’ve were given to region an advert.” Place a few advertisements and soon your advertising and marketing price range has completely dried up. Statistics say that a person need to see your advert six times in the identical guide before taking into account the use of your commercial enterprise. If it’s a weekly or month-to-month book, that could be six weeks to 6 months down the street, and you can not have the funds for to wait that long!

In order for the general public to locate your field of dreams, right here are ten less expensive approaches to get began:

1. Define your USP–­your Unique Selling Proposition–­and use it in the entirety which you do. Make positive your purchaser knows what it’s far that you do this is precise to you and your business. Don’t cause them to conflict to answer the question of why they should do enterprise with you as opposed to your competitor.

2. Create joint ventures with different organizations that supplement yours. For example, if you’re a real property agent, group up with a cleansing carrier, an indoors decorator, and a personal chef to provide a nice packaged deal to a brand new domestic buyer.

Three. Stress the blessings of what you do, now not the service or product. There’s a wonderful story that’s surpassed around approximately the arena’s most a hit coverage salesman, who, while requested what he did for a dwelling, responded, “I buy existence warranty.” Most humans responded, “What do you mean?” to which he spoke back, “I buy life guarantee for my clients at the best possible rate. Would you like me to buy some for you?” Make your potential client assume, “I’ve were given to get that!”

four. Become newsworthy! Send out media releases to announce a new product or service or sponsorship of a charity event. Create an occasion or a special day. Link what you do to an present fashion or information event. Talk approximately your personal tale inside the enterprise, i.E. If you went broke and bounded again, began to create one product and ended up with every other, and so forth. Issue an award or deliver something away. Conduct a survey and report the effects. Write a letter to the editor.

5. Talk to your customers. Call 5 preceding clients and find out what they appreciated and did not like approximately their dealings with you, and the way you would possibly higher serve them within the future. Have them write testimonials that you can use. Ask and praise them for referrals.

6. Love what you do and emerge as a model of what you’re promoting. If you don’t genuinely love what you do and sense passionate about it, your clients are going to look proper through you and no longer be satisfied to shop for what you are supplying. For instance, if you’re a vehicle mechanic and your shop sits on a parking lot full of clunkers that don’t run, why might all and sundry hire you to restore their automobile? Or, if you’re a landscaper and your garden is complete of weeds and crabgrass, who desires to hire you to enhance their backyard? If you don’t really feel obsessed on your commercial enterprise and come to be a living version of that business to every person you meet, then discover any other commercial enterprise!

7. Network, network, community! Join corporations, along with Chambers of Commerce, expert organizations, civic groups, etc. And any type of business enterprise to which your target marketplace would possibly belong. Attend network occasions like business open-houses or community picnics. Sales grasp Joe Girard lives through his “Law of 250”, which states that everyone knows approximately 250 humans nicely enough to invite to their wedding ceremony or to be in attendance at their funeral. Lesson: Perhaps the individual you’re speakme with isn’t inquisitive about what you provide, however there’s a good threat s/he is aware of a person who’s­250 of them!

Eight. Use interest-getting gadgets — make your self seen. Always have commercial enterprise playing cards on hand to distribute. Have a t-shirt customized together with your enterprise name and wear it while you run errands. Wear an outfit or uniform that shows the world who you are. UPS has taken their identity as visible in their brown trucks and uniforms and embraced it with the tag line in their modern-day commercials, "What can brown do for you?"

9. Talk and teach. Approach local businesses about being a guest speaker at their next meeting. Give a workshop that is open to public and is low-price/no-fee for participants and speak a selected factor of your enterprise, or display what you do. Offer them valuable records, but go away them hungry for greater. For example, a financial planner would possibly provide a unfastened seminar referred to as, “Planning for Retirement as a Thirty-something” or a financial institution loan officer might provide a workshop along side a real property organisation known as, “Everything a First-Time Homebuyer Needs to Know But is Too Scared to Ask.” Or, paintings together with your neighborhood college or activity department and get paid to educate what you already know.

10. Implement five a day. Make a list of all the creative methods you can marketplace your enterprise, and enforce five of them in line with day.

Remember, in Tightwad Marketing, you’re confined handiest via your imagination!

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