10 Common Homeowner Complaints


Home possession is most people’s dream come real. Don’t let it end up a nightmare.

1. Real Estate Fraud
“Someone solid my signature on a Grant Deed. The report says my property now belongs to someone I don’t even recognize.”

Contact your country’s real property commission.

2. Unlicensed Contractors
“I hired a man who stated he was licensed to make repairs to my kitchen. He started the work however by no means completed. I observed out he isn’t certified and that he recorded a mechanic’s lien in opposition to my house.”

Never hire an unlicensed contractor.

Three. Foreclosure Consultants
“When I got at the back of on my house bills, I commenced getting mail from humans saying they could save my home. I signed a settlement with a man who promised to make up the again bills and assist me get a brand new mortgage. He didn’t do any of that. Instead, he sold my residence to someone else and now I’m being evicted.”

If you’re behind on bills, call your mortgage agency and workout a payment plan.

Four. High Interest Loans
“I idea I become getting a bargain on a refinance. Turns out, the hobby price is way too high and that they charged me all styles of junk charges.”

Shop around for the nice costs and expenses before getting a new mortgage and make sure your examine the high-quality print.

5. Adjustable and Fixed-Rate Loans
“The loan consultant stated I changed into getting a fixed-fee, 30-12 months loan. Six months later, my hobby fee jumped more than three%.”

Review your mortgage files earlier than you signal. Interest quotes ought to be disclosed by using the lender.

6. Account and Billing Errors
“My loan business enterprise did not credit score my account for the mortgage payments I’ve made.”

Send a letter in your loan organisation inquiring for a payment records. Be sure to include your account number within the letter.

7. Illegal Rooms
“I just moved into the house I offered and the town tells me that some of the rooms had been brought without building allows.”

You may be required to make modifications. Be certain to test for building permits before you purchase a domestic.

Eight. Repairs and Escrow
“Before I sold my house, the vendor promised to make upkeep. My agent stated it changed into OK to sign and near escrow, even though the maintenance were now not finished. It’s been three months and the vendor nonetheless hasn’t made any maintenance.”

Make sure upkeep are finished earlier than you close up escrow.

Nine. Property Taxes Not Paid
“My mortgage organization was supposed to pay my property taxes but didn’t. Now I owe past taxes and consequences.”

Call your loan agency for a proof. If they don’t take care of the problem, contact your nation real property fee.

10. Vacant Land Purchase
“I offered some vacant land within the wasteland to build a residence on. The supplier said there has been water, sewers, power and phone carrier. Turns out, none of these are available.”

Check with the local Building and Safety Department earlier than you buy vacant land.

Take it slow and do your homework. Property purchases are normally the largest investment you can make. Take time to study all of the documentation and in case your do not apprehend some thing, ask questions. If important, rent a actual property attorney to defend your hobbies.

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