1 Tip To Effectively Burn A Lot More Fat

If there was only one tip I could give you today, you would probably not think it was very much. But imagine receiving that 1 tip every single day for the next 365 days? That’s a lot of tips! Don’t panic, ill only give you 1 today, well save the rest for another day!

Today’s tip: avoid too much sitting!

Being stagnant for long periods of time can be really bad for your health, and that includes sitting too much. And guess what the average person does a lot of sitting though out their day! In fact on study that I recently read, went on to show how sitting for long periods of time can lead to an early death!

So move this article over to your phone and continue reading while taking a stroll!

Have you ever been bitten by an elephant? Probably not! You see, when it comes to weight loss, it isn’t the big and obvious that leads to failure, but is the small un-obvious that usually derails us or that can lead to our success. When you add a little extra walking to your routine every single day, not only do you burn a ton of calories but also maintain muscle which helps burn fat as well!

So do you want a remedy for all the sitting that you do throughout the day? Well its simple, the solution to too much sitting is standing and moving more!

For example:

1. Take every opportunity to stand where you could be sitting. Take a stroll while eating lunch or try standing while on the phone!

2. If your meeting at work doesn’t require too much paper work, try having your meeting while on the go.

3. Have you ever heard of a standing desk? It is simply a desk that elevates your workstation high enough so that you have to stand in order to feel comfortable.

How to walk more while at work

I think that we can both agree that where we do most of our sitting during the day is at work! So imagine the difference we can make to our weight loss efforts if we added a little walking and movement to our day.

During tea break take a 5 minute walk around the office, this will also reduce the chance of consuming the sugary treats that are usually associated with this activity. You can even try a ‘treadmill workstation’ so that you can walk a couple of miles while being productive. The simplest way would probably be to use a balance ball instead of a chair and work your core muscles while you are at it!

It’s great to lose a bit of weight in the short-term, but remember that it even more important to keep the weight off than it is to lose it. And that the great thing about standing more, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but it all the small bits adds up in the end! Losing weight isn’t necessarily about making big changes but rather replacing old bad habits like sitting too much.


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